What do you take with you?

Hello Anker Family,

I’m always curious to find out what people take with them when they leave their homes for the day.

I live in NJ and commute to NYC every day. Portable devices are a must for me.

I have my iPad Mini 3 and my Samsung Galaxy S5. And, of course, I have my Anker Astro E5 16750mAh to keep me powered all day.

What about you?


I’m the exception to the rule for sure. I am IT Director for a law firm and a diehard Blackberry (Passport) user for many years. We have multiple offices, so I travel quite a bit and also visit client sites. I travel with the following:
My BlackBerry Passport, iPad mini, and usually one of my Canon Digital Point and Shoot cameras. To keep them all powered, I pack the Anker PowerCore 20100, Anker PowerCore Edge (A1283), Anke PowerLine+ Lightning 3ft cable and even my Anker Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ( must have my music).
When I have my laptop, I have my Anker Wireless Ergonomic mouse

I love to travel when not working and the Anker Products go with me everywhere I go!


I’m never without my Anker Astro E1. I’ve lost count the amount of times that it’s had my back when my iPhone needs a quick juicing.

I pair it with the Anker braided lighting cable for constant power on the go.

The Astro is also fantastic for keeping my PS Vita charged up if I don’t wanna take the charger with me!

Astro3 - USB C cables and dont forget the soundbuds, I never leave home without any of these!

I take my Anker powercore, my removable batteries for my note 4 and whatever other accessories I think I’ll need.

I now travel everywhere with my Anker Powercore 5000 Slim / Anker Lightning cables or the 1000mAH Anker battery pack. Great for all travelling haha.

Despite working in IT I keep my tech to a minimum when leaving home for the day, just my iPhone 6s with Anker glass screen protector and SlimShell. The rest I can use at work!

True, I tend to carry the battery charger even though I charge most of my stuff from my work PC haha, working in IT has it’s perks :wink:

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At a minimum, I keep a 5000 mAh battery, PowerDrive+ 2 and PowerLine+ (Kevlar reinforced) 6’ USB cable.

Since last Thanksgiving I have always had, at least one, Astro E7 26800 mAh with me, if not both. Since I go to Disneyland everyday and post to social media live from the park I always have to keep my phone powered-up. Before I got the Astro E7’s I was using a couple of Pro2 20000 mAh batteries. #Disney366

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Always carry my PowerCore 10,000 and my Anker replaceable battery for my LG G3

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PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C and assorted cables. You never know when you need to charge your device or coworkers especially when many of them play Pokemon GO.

PowerCore 5000, I have a few Anker power packs, but this one stay with me in my work bag

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Depends on what I’m doing.

Out and about (fun or appointments) without the car. Obvious the phone but also my Z970 that’s converted into a podcast player, 2 Anker portable chargers, headphones, a AC and DC charger and charging cable. Sometimes the Note4 tablet.

For work just the 2 phones, I have access to everything else that I need in the car and at work.

Personally, I have multiple setups, depending on where I am going/what I am doing.
For School, I usually bring my iPad 3, Y700 (Lenovo), my Anker PowerCore 20100, and my iPhone 5S with an OtterBox Defender case.
When I am going out for a short amount of time, I usually bring my iPhone 5S, iPad Air 2, and a flash drive for my iPad/iPhone, then my Anker PowerCore 20100.
For a longer amount of time, I bring my Anker PowerCore 20100, and 10000, just in case my family members need a battery as well. I then pack my iPad Air 2, iPhone 5S, and my flash drive.

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I bring my phone, my ASUS T100 tablet, sometimes my ASUS ROG G55, my hello Zolo 3000 mAh battery, my PowerCore 20100 battery, my SoundCore, a few flash drives, and lots and lots of cables lol.

Well it usually depends on how long I’m going to be away from home. But in almost all situations I bring my phone and in ear headphones with me.

I work in IT and in my backpack I carry multiple Anker products. We’re looking at a Anker Powercore 10000, 3ft. Powerline+ micro usb cable, 3ft. Powerline+ USB-C cable, and a 3-Port USB 3.0 and Ethernet Hub. This is in addition
to the normal stuff I carry like a portable hard drive, ethernet cable, bluetooth mouse, usb 3.0 SD card reader…

The Anker Powercore 10000 with quick charge has been such a lifesaver for me. Working at a major auction house in NYC, this has been essential for myself and my colleauges.

I recently upgraded my EDC battery from an older Anker 12,000 mAH to a PowerCore Speed 10000 to keep my Axon 7 and iPad Pro going strong. I took a pair with me on a 4-day trip and never had a battery problem. I also bring my USB-Serial dongle and 13" MacBook Air, because I’m an IT Guy and that’s what I need to sort out any issues I might come across with switches & firewall.