What do you look for in a portable battery? Power belt?

Hey everyone.

I love Anker products as I’m sure you do. I am a student so I’m often out and about and heavily rely on my portable charger. I was wondering what features you tend to look at when purchasing these?

  • Number of Charges
  • Number of Ports
  • Speed of Device Charges
  • Speed of Battery Charge
  • Battery indicators on Charger
  • Integrated wires and cables
  • Size
  • Weight

I know for me that it’s a mixture of these things. Does anyone have anything to add to the list, or any other ideas for how these chargers could be improved? I think it would be great for there to be something like a ‘Battery Belt’, something that would allow you to charge your phone whilst it’s in your pocket or hand. Any takers?

Best solution for charging in your pocket Is the small 1 port charger. Use the .200mm cable that keeps it all neat and tidy

I simply look for the most technologies in one port, but it is nice to have more than one port. What is a power belt? Is it like a wireless charger?

Volume, weight, mah.

I do the calculation. It points to 1000mah, then Mini then Slim.

I look at speed of battery charge, size, and number of charges. I’m confused on what a Battery Belt would be though?