What do you guys think about the prices of Anker products?

I for one, think the prices of Anker products are totally reasonable considering the durability and how long these products last. Some are a little bit pricy but I don’t really care because they are so good. Thoughts?

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The cables and chargers don’t wear out fast, they have a great portable charger or 20 probably.

Yes a huge powerbank won’t be the same price range as a USB cable. I believe their prices are perfect, their products are durable AND they have great warranty/support. There’s no comparison for one Anker cable vs 6 generic for the same price.

The RRP seems at high at times, but overall, value is good.

I compute the $/product and usually buy only during a sale.

Anker cables can look expensive when they appear in a lost of all available cables to buy. But remove all the ones you would not trust and Able probably sits in the middle in regards to price.
Same with most of their other products.
I think that is completely fine. Their products are worth it too me.

Not expensive but not cheap it is affordable.

At first release the prices can seem high (Amazon) but often balance with the first few days of release to be on par with like for like products from others. But take into account the build quality, warranty and customer support and I think the value for money certainly comes through more than others. IMO.

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The products are great, but the prices do seem high. There is always another company selling the same type of items cheaper.

Price of Anker gears are acceptable in regard to the quality and types of problem solving, or benefits for its customers.

It really depends on the product, in my opinion. Overall, I find prices to be competitive across the board. I would pay premium from Anker because I find the quality to be above par, but only if it was something I really, really needed and could not find any great coupons on others.

I will add that I have bought quite a few Anker products that I did not necessarily need, only to replace something that I already had, to upgrade the quality- but ONLY when it was offered as a deep discounted promo.

most of the products are reasonably priced, when compared to other brands

I believe the products are reasonable priced.

I have been using USB power items for a good few years and overall I’d say I’d go for quality rather than price. I’ve tried a few different brands and I conclude Anker offers a sweetspot of reliability performance price.

I find their prices reasonable, not always the absolute lowest cost but if not in a huge rush there is often a discount email coupon type offer and I get what I want at pretty much the lowest cost. I often buy and then gift to friend/family (friends of family, etc) to help them out as to be out of power is awful in today’s connected world!

Currently wanting a 2nd torch now its winter/dark and waiting for the $13 LC40 to drop in price in a coupon/offer. I know, I just spent a minute thinking about probably $3 saving. OCD.

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You can get bad value if you’re in a rush. Normal priced items can be a bit uncompetitive price, if you’re in no rush usually in a month or two a deep discount comes up.

For example I’m more interested in power density and input speeds so the new Powercore 26800 with 4A input peaked my interest but I own plenty already so no way would see the value of $60 but happy to be tappity tappity at 9am PDT for the 50% discount and got my Powercore 26800 in today’s post. It adds to the 3400, 5000, 10000 mah products I already have.

Actually what I find wears out fastest is USB cables, as they tend to get coiled up and used most often and they tend to fail faster than the batteries so I find I’m more buying cables and bought the newer ones to simply last longer.

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I agree priced well, in the middle

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yes the anker products are absolutely brilliant and spot on

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The price is definitely more reasonable than it may seem. I have seen cords in 3,6 and 10’ that cost more than Anker. Same goes for portable chargers. Remember what you are buying is quality. Like paper towels or to, in the long run it is better to go with quality. I saw a 10’ cord for $15. Anker products are made to last. The price may seem high at times, but you must remember you get what you pay for and Anker is the best value. On the site or Amazon.

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I am absolutely stunned by how cheap the powerhouse costs i was looking into buying a battery bank that was 60,000 mah for a long time and it still costs 400$ and it wasnt well designed, then the powerhouse came out which is well designed and is double that at 120,000 mah only costs 500$ and they sent me a code to buy a second powerhouse at 400$ after I bought the first one, to my knowledge its the biggest battery bank out there they easily could charge more for it and they dont which is awesome.

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I think that their prices are not expensive, in their price-quality range

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