What do you guys do to get anker stuff (occupation to obtain money)

I currently work in a local bagel shop since I am a full time student and have applied for a postion to get my EMT-B at our local Volunteer Ambulance Corp. I spend only tips on Anker stuff and personally hate bagels, sandwiches and having to grill dozens of eggs. I would prefer to work in either the medical field or technological field, but will have to wait. Anyhow, enough of me, what do all of you do?

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I’m an instructional technologist. I administer Moodle for a college, design and build classrooms, help faculty with instructional design, and try out emerging learning technologies to see if we should implement them at my school. I think our classrooms are pretty cool: they are all whiteboard paint and have multiple projectors around the room that students can use wirelessly. The projectors project onto the whiteboard paint, so you can write inside the image. Here are some shots:


I have a couple of jobs. Main one working for the local council Social Services department producing statistics and operational reports for children’s services. Fostering and child protection etc.

Then by night and on weekend I am a Supervisor of a team at The Principality Stadium / Work in the tunnel as security for Wales Football Team or Door supervisor at events throughout the Cardiff area. I love it. I’ve seen some great bands and gigs and got paid for it :grin:

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I am working as a product owner for a French ISP.

Im on the srcounge! lol

I can’t work due to physical n mental issues. My fiancèe does work on basic for a bakery shop… some nice occasional free stuff… yummy

Found out recently, I love the Mild Sour Dough Bread. I’m not much of a bread eater, but this bread is soo nice, either as a sandwich or fantastic toast.

I work in IT with side business doing web development (WordPress mainly). I can afford Anker products, but it’s more fun being a power user.

I am a renaissance man, Jack of all trades. I can do anything…but my main jobs are working for The Home Depot overnight stocking shelves and working freight. When I get off that job I go to my next job at Michael’s arts and crafts, here I basically do the same as at home Depot but I also unload trucks and build planograms. Yes it’s crazy to work so much but bills don’t pay themselves.

On my own free time I am a beta tester for numerous companies. At any given time I can be reviewing and testing stuff, I have taken a 2 month break since I started working two jobs, but I have since started back up.

Exercise from real labor is a great way to build strength (think farmers). Wear back belt for support and watch your form.