What do you do for Halloween?

Seeming as we are in the Halloween month and we’ve an upcoming Friday the 13th also, unnerving for some :anguished: :cold_sweat: :scream: I was wondering what community members normally get up to around the world for ‘all hallows eve’. From what I understand from family and friends who have visited, Halloween holds a party status a bit like thanksgiving and Christmas in the USA.

So are you forum members more of a party bunch

A take the kids trick n’ treatin person

Or a sit down with popcorn and have a horror movie marathon

Any other activities (keep it clean :smile: ) feel free to mention…


I usually hang out in pubs or clubs with my buddies and paint the town red!:joy:


I typically go a “haunted” local winery with a group of friends. They decorate their vineyards for Halloween and allow people to walk through it in the dark. We’re still trying to decide what our costumes should be! :joy:


Sounds cool…as for costume’s Zombies always work well :slight_smile:


Are you in the photo??


Was wondering that myself…have you got anywhere near Birmingham, UK @AnkerOfficial :smile:

Being a runner, the last few years I either run or volunteer at our local Halloween Night run. Great fun event with everyone dressed up in spooky costumes, with ghosts lurking in the woods and mysterious drums playing :smiley:


One way to get me to run would be to have those spooky characters chase me :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta start somewhere I guess. LOL… I am not a runner but want to get into it.


The last few years I have had to work on Halloween. Last year and this year we had planned to go a steam punk festival that fell the weekend before Halloween. But with my crazy schedule, I can’t seem to make out there. So we just watch horror movies after I get off work.

I get dressed and made up as a zombie with a small horde of others and scare folk at various events around Scotland.
It is much fun!
( I do this throughout the year too)


I try to convince my family to go trick-or-treating, usually we don’t and we go to a families house to relax.

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I got married on Halloween, this year will be our 5 years anniversary. YAY!!!

We’re gonna take my son out trick or treating and then head into town for dinner and maybe a movie


Rot children’s teeth and cuddle the dog who’s scared by the fireworks.

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@Arwen are you a nurse? Are you wearing Scrubs? Also why does the guy behind you have an empty Pistol holster and also holding a rifle with the sling dangling down?

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Yes, of course!! JK… I have no idea

The only thing I do for Halloween is buy too many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and keep them to myself. Even as a kid, I wasn’t thrilled with dressing up and asking strangers for candy.

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Happy early 5th Anniversary :slight_smile:

I never really got to dress up and celebrate as a kid. So this year I just picked up a hilarious shark head from Walmart. So I might honestly just dress up in a suit and wear the shark head and become a Business Shark just for fun.


Awesome makeup…wait it is makeup right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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