What distance between Bluetooth and anker bluetooth speakers using ver 4,2 bluetooth

I want to know what is the distance between Anker speaker (important no sound cut) there is no obstruction beetween my cell phone and the speakers.

Any product suggestion will be apreciated begining with the lower coast.

Thank you for answering me

As It depends on so many individual factors, there is no satisfying answer.
Not only visible barrier, also interference

So no obstruction, line of sight, you’d typically see at least 60 feet, sometimes 100 feet.

The speakers all use similar antennas so range will be similar for them all.

Which speaker you go for is a function of your needs, but a simple stereo speaker with good sound, water resistant for rain, and yet small enough to carry in a bag to carry:

  • Motion+

Typically in a sale for £70 if you can wait a few days / week.

Soundcore do make many speakers, you’d get many other recommendations.

Yes if you want a tough speaker for outdoor use the motion+ or boom is a good one.
May be the boom is a little better to carry around (handle).
I own the motion +, good sound (basses and treble (tweeters) )
The motion + is often discounted and in the last time the boom also.
Depends where you live and order.