What did you get for Christmas?

As we all like to share with one another, what did everyone get for Christmas? Did you get what you wanted? Did all your wishes come true? Come share with us the delights of your Christmas endeavors and let us know how it went. If you wasn’t the recepient, did you get more joy out of giving presents? Let us know below. Once again Merry Christmas to you all, and much Love from one Anker family member to another.


I have presented my present already in another thread.
Too many threads now!

But why not once more.

I think instead of all technical stuff you got, mine will not last long! :yum:



I’m still waiting for family to arrive to open mine (pretty early here), but I can tell you my dog is making out like a bandit so far! He’s received treats, bones, and toys from friends and neighbors. I can’t give him everything all at once, so he’ll be getting surprises for several weeks at this rate!

Hope everyone’s having a great holiday!


I got something I wasn’t expecting, but a great gift nonetheless: a ticket for 2019 Montreal Comic Con! :smile:

I also got a Lego mug, shoes, and a five-bar dark chocolate Lindt box :yum: All gifts were spot on!


Sigh, I been wanting a shiatsu kneck massager for a while and my wife got me one for Christmas. Problem is is that it’s such poorly made that it hurts to use it, one of the massaging nubs is larger than the other and is more pointy. So this one will be going back and exchanged for something else

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Nothing exciting–a couple of new shirts, some gift cards, cash. Trying to decide if I want to buy myself some truly wireless earbuds to replace my SoundBuds Tag.

PowerPort 5 Car Charger!!

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Home cooked meal from mom. This is rare since we are not near each other and her days are becoming limited due to alzheimers and dementia.


I’ve always preferred to give gifts at Christmas. If I need anything I buy it myself - hence why I’m apparently a “nightmare” to get for.

I did however get a Anker powerwave 7.5w wireless charger though :muscle:t2:

Bought gf some Eufy lights along with the usual shoes, perfume, clothes etc etc

Oh and this …


I got a Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera and a Nikon 105mm lens. Two goodies.

But I’m waiting for more Anker goodies in the form of USB-C and Power Delivery in everything they make :sunglasses:

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I got a perfume gift box :heart_eyes:

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I got a huge Toblerone bar, $50 Best Buy Gift Card, and some PJs. I am definitely thankful

hmm got my wife a Pixel 3 got my kids lego millennium falcon special edition and lego bugatti scare to look my at credit card statement next month lol

Ditto if I wanted I’d buy it so by definition any gift is unwanted or so expensive you’d not afford it.

If you want to feel good giving hand a warm meal to a homeless person.

This is rare since we are not near each other and her days are becoming limited due to alzheimers and dementia.

Bought myself a Nintendo switch yesterday (under the guise of it being a family console), while the gf got an Apple Watch series 4.

Needless to say I was a tad jealous so today went out and got myself one too lol - few late Xmas gifts :tongue:

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