What color temperature (soft white vs. daylight) are your bulbs?

I’m genuinely curious to know,

What color temperature are your light bulbs? Are they soft white (2700K), or daylight (5000K)?

For me, I have some 2700k soft white LED bulbs in my ceiling fan, and I have some LIFX Color 1000 bulbs in my floor lamp, which I prefer at 3500K during normal use (as I think the 2750K it offers looks too red), and I set them to 5000K (and turn off my ceiling fan to avoid mashing color temperatures) when I film my YouTube videos.

The rest of the house is soft white, with the exception of 2 daylight bulbs that the previous owner had installed.

I prefer soft white for every day “life,” but I use daylight for shooting video, as it’s far superior for color replication on camera.

What do you use?

Daylight at work and off white at home. It’s hard to get enough daylight here so having those bulbs at work helps. At home we have a work light that is daylight but the rest are normal. I use lights too late at night at home to use daylight bulbs.

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Only recently started moving to energy saving / LED bulbs are earlier versions I used had appallingly low light. Found cool white to be good in utility areas but prefer soft white in living areas.

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I prefer soft white in most areas of my house, but we use daylight bulbs at work.

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They do 100W equivalent LED bulbs now and they are properly bright.

Soft white in most of the house. WE use 60W Daylight LED Bulbs in the Hall and in the office.
We use a mixture of Soft and Daylight in the kitchen to get it bright enough.

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I have soft white everywhere but daylight in my garage. When I go to change the bulbs for outside they will be daylight. The soft white blends better with the sunlight to me.

I personally prefer daylight (5000K) for all my indoor lights.

Yeah, those are the ones I am slowly migrating to. Actually think the ones I have equate to 110w.

Whatever is on sale. Everything is turning into the CFL’s. So I guess those.

Daylight for just about everything. Except I have a super low brightness soft white light that I leave on when watching tv so that other people in my house can still see

Dang. CFLs are super old school, but whatever works!

Gotta say, I’m surprised at how many people prefer daylight. It sort of gives me a headache, mainly at night.

I like the daylight in the house in most places, but we have some lamps with yellowed bulbs to help with going to bed.

Mostly softwhite (2700k) in bed, bath, and living rooms. Coolwhite for outdoor use aside from softwhite for accent fixtures. Daylight (5000k) in kitchen and dining room.

I like the daylight for the crisp and clean color it gives. I rely on the lamp shade (usually a white one) to block the harshness of the light, or I angle them more or less straight down or up. I’m also younger (college age) so lights don’t give me a headache yet