What can I do with what old 20100 battery

Hi, I have an old battery which is not working. It has a sentimental value and I simply don’t want to throw it away. Any ideas what I could use it for?

A paperweight? :grinning:

To be honest, you should still dispose of it. Lithium ion batteries can get chemically unstable at very low charge.

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remove the cells, and take to recycling. Then re-purpose the battery case.

Ship it to the white house, maybe Trump can use it to build his wall?


LOL, that’s hailarious

Maybe you could make a “wall of old tech” idk haha. But I would, unfortunately, have to recommend disposing of it for the reasons that @CraigW mentioned. I’m not sure how a power bank could be sentimental, but maybe you can snap a few pics of it before you dump it?

It’s sentimental as I used it a lot and another thing is that I’m a person who gathers things instead of throwing them away. You’re right… I’ll dispose at my local sainsburys.

Hi, this is AnkerDirect.

All Anker products have a-18 Month Hassle Free Warranty that begins the day you place your order. If your battery is still within 18-month warranty, please contact us via the email address: support@oceanwing.com.

Hope it helps.

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Hey @AnkerSupport is there a name change in the works? Your email has always been support@anker.com in the past…

Or did you just let slip that Anker is just an American front for an overseas company? If so don’t let Trump find out :wink:

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great idea!!

lol! great idea!

Recycling it would be a good idea

Door stop
Bottle cap opener
Model sailboat anchor
Paper weight
Time capsule

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Many people take apart these to extract the 18650 cells then use on some compatible flashlights or for other lithium uses BUT this is very risky to do since shorting out the cells would cause them to over heat and possibly explode.