What cable do my parents need to connect PowerCore+ 10050 to their iphones?

My parents are unsure about what cable to use to connect their iphones (6 and 11) to the PowerCore+ 10050 I sent them. I live out-of-state and unfortunately the specs on the Anker website aren’t clear on the charger’s output port type.

Can someone clarify? The Amazon product description placed a heavy emphasis on Apple products, so I assumed that the charger would ship with a compatible lightning cable.

If it’s really the wrong device for an iphone user, I may also consider returning it.

Thanks in advance.

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The standard USB A to lighting cable would work. The micro usb port is to recharge the battery.

The lightning cable that came with the iPhone should work. But if you don’t want to order another one, here is one that will work just fine


Thanks for the quick replies!

My father didn’t think that the micro-USB packaged with the charger fit into the power [Edited] input slot… I asked him to double-check. They are now searching for the lightning to USB-A cables that came with their phones. Thanks for the Amazon link just in case, @ikari04warrior

No problem :+1: any other question you can always ask here

What do they usually charge there phones with at night?
Unless they use a type c to lighting or a wireless charger, then they could use that cable as well.

I had them describe their iphone charging cables and it does sound like they’re just lightning to USB-A so that should work.

It turns out that the input for the micro-USB on one of the Anker units is either defective or too tight, so they were confused about which cable to put where. Rather than mess with it, I may just request an exchange on Amazon.