What cable do I need?

Hello I have the Anker [Upgraded] PowerCore Speed 20000, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Portable Charger.

But none of the cables that are in my possession will fit BOTH the portable phone charger AND my phone charging port Note 8

Before I go out and buy the wrong product, can anyone advise me what type of USB cable I will need? Also does it matter what brand I get for speed of charging?

Thank you.


Your note 8 uses a USB -C cable to charge and the battery pack you have requires Micro USB cable to charge hence why one or the other won’t work for both products. If you want to carry just 1 cable you can invest in This 3 in 1 cable that would allow you to charge both devices from just this cable alone because if the included adaoters


If you can still return your portable charger, I would strongly recommend PowerCore Speed 20000 PD instead.

That way you will only have to use one USB-C to USB-C cable.

But this is just my personal advice.


The note 8 uses USBC to usb A.

Usb a end is what goes in the wall charger that came with the phone

The smaller USBC end goes in the phone.

The vast majority of Anker wall chargers are or have usb A, the same with the power banks.

The vast majority of powerbanks, are charged using a micro-usb lead (micro-usb one end and usb A, the other).

So the supplied lead won’t fit in your phone. However the supplied lead, will fit in the wall charger m powerbank to charge the bank up.

Once charged, you use.your phone lead to.go.from power bank to phone.

I agree with @elmo41683 & @joshuad11

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Hello need urgent help. I am going travelling in a few days.

I press the on switch for my power bank and all 4 lights show blue assuming fully charged. Got the 3 in 1 cable as advised earlier in thread by another userm cables connected both phone to power bank and nothing is happening. Help.


First I would try a different cable to eliminate the cable as the problem.

You can also try resetting the powerbank by plugging the input (micro USB) into the output (USB type A)

Since it’s a brand new cable you got, I would check the port in your phone for any lint or debree and carefully clean it out. Then check the battery pack for the same. Also make sure you have the adapters attached properly and in the correct orientation for how you want to use it

It says USB charging connected device but when I select it and go to USB options it does not allow me to select the option ‘charge this phone’ or any other option besides default.

USB port is not at fault. Had it replaced the other day and works 100%

This option only appears when I connect the two devices via a Samsung USB connector. Simply connecting the bank and phone together without the USB connector does absolutely nothing at all.

Is that the Samsung connector that comes with the phone? If so it’s an On the go adapter and meant only to transfer data not charge.

Can you take a picture of how you have it set to charge your phone without the Samsung adapter

It sounds like your phone is charging your powerbank.

This is how I have it connected without Samsung USB connector.

You need to stack the adapters into one another and plug it into your phone

Hello Elmo. Yes I realised my phone was charging the power bank not other way around, but USB options don’t allow me to select option to charge the phone.

In addition to my picture above I have put the other into the ‘input’ port at the same time, then into my phone with no results. Is this what you meant?

Well if you are using the 3 in one cable the Type A end should be plugged into the power bank and the other multi choice end into your phone. You could also try turning on the power bank before you connect it to your phone

You do not need the (USB type c) to (USB type A) adapter.

Silly question but how do I know if the power bank is on? When I press the button the all 4 blue lights show for a few seconds then disappear.

The power bank is only on when the lights are lit.

If the lights go off after a few seconds of me pressing the on button then is the power bank defective? They do not STAY on. I made sure to fully charge it up when I first received it.

No that does not mean the powerbank is defective. It is normal behavior.

I suggested this method when I got confused and thought you had the type-c version PowerCore.

The only possible way that I see that your phone is able to charge the powerbank instead of the other way around is if you were using the Samsung type c to type a adapter which in effect turns your phone into a powerbank.

The USB type a ports on your powerbank can only be used as outputs and type USB micro port can only be used as an input.