What Brings Customers Back?

What is your definition of great customer service? I recently had a superb encounter with @AnkerOfficial on twitter about a week ago. I have a vent device mount that came with one metal plate and I wanted to purchase a 2nd metal mounting place for a secondary device and wow this company took my needs and wants to a entire new level. They weren’t able to send me another metal plate but they did something else that made me proud to continue to recommend Anker to all my friends and family, they sent me a new https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073PRPRNN mount. Can you share with me an Anker experience that made you say wow why can’t other companies be more like them.


I’m also curious to know!!!:smiley:

  1. Clear technical instructions which aid root cause analysis. In service center speak “a good script”.

  2. Level 1, 2, 3 support. Level 1 = common issues… Level 3 = rarer issues.

  3. Not assuming PEBKAC. Some consumers are more intelligent and knowledgeable than service center.

  4. Safer to accept the fault and then check the returned items, than assume the customer fault. This ultimately is the where the $ cost of customer support translates into real world margins.


  • rapidly help a customer fix the problem themselves
  • rapidly find the root cause, and fix, or find a product fault and then fix it quickly
  • accept the customer’s intellect
  • generally accept a return/refund rather than expect customer to prove their fault or pay for postage
  • then you end up with maximum customer satisfaction

Ultimately this a cost of customer support and spare replacement vs cost of pushing back onto the customer.

I have a word I often use “helpless desk” in some areas the act of trying to get a ticket exceeds the value of the item. Anker is low on that ratio, in that they assume the product fault higher than others, so the customer gets a satisfactory resolution more often. That comes at a cost. That cost ultimately causes refurbished items sent out as warranty replacements, and higher average unit selling cost (product price).


Interesting so based upon what you posting you are indicated the price of products suffer do to trying to meet all customer Wants Interests & Needs? I have to say a unhappy customer is the kind of customer that is always the most vocal about what they don’t like based upon maybe 1 bad experience. A truly happy customer will be loyal to the brand and will be more likely to purchase more and more products not based on price but based on experience, because they know that ultimately the experience, the presentation the name on a product drives loyalty.


“you get what you pay for.”

You can say that in in more words but it is ultimately the highest truth.

Ultimately you have a consumer’s time trying to get quality of product and quality of response to issues, to time of the supplier (Anker) to spend on designing, testing. and customer support.

What I like about Anker is they appear to have a good sweetspot.

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What brings me back Time After Time is the fact that I can really tell that Anker cares about its customers satisfaction and product quality. The fact that they have industry-leading type c and micro USB cables doesn’t hurt either.


Having great products that integrates into our live so seamless is a plus and to top it off having the industry leading customer service experience makes things so much better.


I have only had to contact customer service for a product issue once. 1 for a pair of iPad Air screen protectors that were peeling off the screen (replacements sent immediately)

I also have the vent mount. Love it. Then also got the desk mount for work :slight_smile:


I will always go to Anker first if I need anything because of the amazing customer service and guarantee that if I am not happy that they will do their best to fix it. I have no problem spending a little extra for Anker products because I know they will be great quality and if I have any issues they will be sold quickly.

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Thank you, we will keep working hard!:grin:


well said @nigelhealy

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What a great way to look at this, Anker has the best customer service in the industry and also having great accessories makes the customer service even better. Cant way to see whats in store for new products and newer accessories.

I think Anker have got it spot on. They answer all questions and actually communicate like you’re a real human and show gratitude for being a customer. Not many businesses around like this - in fact I’ve dealt with a few recently who dont seem to care about my custom and have been plain rude and generally a huge disappointment.
I’m glad to spend money with a company like Anker as they deserve the great recognition they have built and I see why they are continually getting bigger!
Thanks @AnkerOfficial


that’s just what they do. it is amazing how much they care. :muscle: