What Backpacks do you guys use?

I typically use either a super tactical backpack with Molle on it or a more covert assault backpack. What do all of you use? What do you put in it? Why is it good? Would you recommend it?



My pop out of house backpack is a free Rose Cycles one it can do a loaf of bread type problem. Got for free so cannot point to a link.

My overnight bag to last on >1 day needs is a Black Diamond 16L they no longer make.

My weeks long summer bag is a GoLite 30L

I then for winter non-Camping have a GoLite Peak 40L

My biggest is a Golite Pinnacle 50L type for camping etc.

My packs have outlived in most cases either the design or the seller so non can buy them any more.

Interesting you mention backpacks in an Anker forum because for me Anker has enabled me to go further faster via letting me to drag work into rural situations (seems counter intuitive) and to shrink everything right down so I get out more in total. I spend about 30hr/week basically moving with gadgets outdoors. I tend to bike more than hike so my backpacks tend to be work / business / trains / flights type, and I have bike bags a lot also.

I regularly deal with about a thousand people out there in the real world and I only encounter say 10 people who exist out of backpack like me. I suspect we’re so far distant from each other we are a unique species at threat of extinction.


For school I had my Timberland Bookbag, mainly for its Water-proof/resistance feature cause I had to travel 2 hours to school and would often get drenched to the bone from rainstorms, and when on boats. But that has to get cleaned so now I’m stuck with my free BIC bookbag, nothing special but it holds all my Anker products and a spare jacket, notebook, pen, pencil, etc.

When I was searching for backpacks i saw one by Sprayground called the $mart Pack I saw the promo ad and it looked cool so I bought it and ever since day one I fell in love with my sprayground backpack I like how you could hide the straps and used as a brief case on Messenger bag plus it came with cool stickers https://www.sprayground.com/dream-hotel-smart-pack.html

I’m a bit of a sucker for Swiss gear/Wenger bags and Lowe bags. I’ve got a few different sizes of each.
These are my favourite as I am pretty hard on bags, yet these brands have never failed me. Never had a zip break or a strap snap!

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I use a Karrimor Urban 30 backpack for the daily work commute. Cheap and cheerful (costing £10 three years ago in a sale) but it allows for storing of a laptop (should I need to be carrying one), toolset and water/lunch :smile:


I use this one from Under Armour. It packs all my essentials in and more and has done a pretty nifty job of keeping the contents dry when I’ve been caught in rain.


I’ve got an old Eddie Bower bag that’s about 12 years old. Its got an internal frame and I use for hiking and day travel. I just picked up a new gym bag. I’m not sure I like it yet.

I need a new camera bag for hiking and laptop bag in the near future.


I use my wife’s ol Jansport over the shoulder messenger style bag, it’s so old I can’t even find the model of it online anywhere. I use it to carry my notebooks and whatever else I need for the day. I love it because my anker powercore fits perfectly in the cross arm band and I can have the cable reach down to wherever I have my phone at the time

I use a “Beara Beara” British vintage leather backpack for daily use.:smile: It is beautiful quality and a unique design! It can be use on many occasion, giving me style and a sense of confidence!:joy:


Nice one @AnkerOfficial. When I ride my Harley-Davidson, I’m wearing a DXR backpack

But when I go to the gym or want to have more stuff, I have a DaKine backpack. I can’t find a picture of it though !

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It is time for a new backpack for me so I guess i’ll be reading the posts and seeing which one fits me.

I’ve been lugging the good old classic northface borealis for god knows how long, maybe since middle school? It is dying.

Back in 2012 I bought this backpack for travelling and everyday use thinking it would last a year at the most. It was $7.99 on a lightning deal back then. I received it and was immediately impressed that it was actually pretty decent given the price, extremely lightweight, able to hold big items and it doesn’t cause back sweat which is a big problem here in hell where I live, oops I meant California. It has seen rain, snow, sand and ocean and a few seagull turds along the way, it has remained intact and all zippers still work phenomenally. I imagine I will have it for years to come and when/ if the day comes to replace it, it has a lifetime warranty so I will simply replace it with one identical like it. :wink:

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My goto backpack for the past 5-6 years has been a Condor Urban Go. I chose it when I had to haul a 15 inch laptop around. The pack is expandable, has 2 side pockets that zipper all the way for canteens/water bottle. Front and mid section storage. Space for water bladder. MOLLE straps for days. I have several different molle pouches that I attach to it when needed. The waste strap is removable, I’ve only used it like once or twice. Overall a pretty good bag, but I;m actually in the market for a new pack since this one has been abused and aged.

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I use my 5.11 tactical backpack everyday


Tush, 5 years old. This is about 11 years old and still used. I think its Eagle Creek but the logo fell off.

Small holes showing in the bottom of it. But then one always have Gaffa tape!

But does it have Lifetime Warranty? :wink:

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Don’t know but the zips still work unlike other 9-11 year old stuff.

Memo to self: avoid zips.

This backpack I customized. Another backpack failed and I moved its chest strap over. Scissors and stitching and I made something better. What keeps this going is the “daysack” concept has bloated, I might travel (say to another country) with a 30-40L pack and leave in hotel and then need something smaller for local exploring and this squishes up small inside for spill-over.

Same in Anker is probably superglue and soldering iron is probably harder. So Anker = warranty, backpacks = needle+thread+gaffa.

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It helps to be a cheap ************ I always know how to fix things on the cheap and avoid buying new. I never buy things that arent meant to really be bought new well in my eyes atleast :joy: Only things I don’t skimp out on are things that would mean life or death for myself or others. So no superglueing brake pads onto vehicles. :hushed: I live a very simple and stressfree life not worrying about material things. I love to see how long I can keep things instead before they truly need upgrading. Like vehicles. I do not care how old they are as long as they run good I am happy and so is the retirement account.

Spoke too soon :anguished: strap snapped yesterday morning during commute to work but it did get three years of daily use (including hols) so can’t complain. Now awaiting arrival of another cheap but cheerful £14 backpack…

Targus Albus 30L, no laptop slot but has a seperate compartment that will serve just as well for a work laptop :smile:

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