What are your thoughts on Net Neutrality?

I am curious to hear all of you fine people’s thoughts on Net Neutrality and it’s recent repeal in the US senate. I personally think Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites and keep the internet open and
allow the freedoms that we have enjoyed to remain intact.


Net neutrality, ugh such a headache of a topic for those who value selective services and paid priority access.Its an even More so a headache for those of us who want to keep the internet free from corporate “rich” control.

Personally I want our internet to remain free and available at all speeds and content rich, I do not want it to be regulated in a way that those who have money can prioritize it and only show us what they want us to see. Keep the internet free of corporate greed such as att and Verizon, Ahjit is only lobbying for its repeal because they are paying him to do so.


I couldn’t agree more, how about regulating lobbyists and repealing citizens united. Unlimited mystery contributions have no place in politics IMO. Hopefully the new younger generation of people taking over in Washington who have a much better grasp on how technology works will fix this problem and get mystery contributions out of politics.


I support a free and open internet, but I’m not convinced that we should trust the government to regulate yet another branch of the private sector.

A free market with free Enterprise means that the masses will vote with their wallets instead of the government voting in their Senate Chambers with complete disregard for their constituents, pandering to the biggest donor or lobbiest.

If ATT starts throttling YouTube or Netflix in favor of their service, I’m willing to bet money Verizon would gladly keep Netflix and YouTube free from that laning and collect the defectors.

Now, In theory that’s how it should work and for most people that will be sufficient for their needs, except that people in rural areas with limited ISP choices, they will be screwed.


I’m all for free and open Internet but I can also see the need for some country level regulations so that access to services or content that are deemed illegal under your countries laws should be blocked at ISP level, for example Silk Road. This can aid circumventing of your countries laws in case’s of access to weapons (guns) and the like. However this comes with it’s own challenges due to VPN’s, proxies and the like.

One thing that I do find annoying is where you get governments wanting ISP’s to enforce a blanket opt out filter on your Internet filtering in the ‘interests’ of helping parents ‘protect’ their children…I was under the impression it was the parents job to be the parent, not the government…why would you give your children access to an ‘open’ internet in the first place without knowing how to use it yourself and in turn, how to block content that you don’t want your children to access :confused:


I personally like the idea of Net Netruality. I feel like it allows us the opportunity to access what we want rather than what someone thinks we want in a free and open manner. Plus I enjoy not paying for what I already have for free.

I don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of what net neutrality fully entails, but based on what I do know… I am 100% for it.


Why we live in an era of paranoid governments, and with some more open about “spying” on its citizens, will we ever have net nutrility again?

All the stuff on the internet is out there by someone! This means, the internet uses a biased feed. So no matter where we get “our info” from, someone somewhere has added THEIR bit to it.

If, you get enough sources, and are clever enough to read between (sometimes) big gaps, you MAY get a better understanding of what’s going on out there!

I have my ideas, but I’m not stupid enough to think, I think independently, as my.mind is set to certain influences… Whether by those who/didn’t bring.me up, family, church (more so of older generations) friends, news.media, PERSONALITIES (celebs) glancing at newspapers, flyers on walls…

It all influences us, and how we think, we think!

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Except that with Net Neutrality it’s not actually neutral at all. You are still getting what the government thinks you want in the manner you want it, instead of what a corporation want.

The only difference between the internet under net neutrality and not under net neutrality is who you bow before, the corporation or the government. In either scenario we are the losers in one way or the other and one of them is the winner, not you or me at all.

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Net neutrality has more to do with blocking carriers from limiting limiting speeds and access to certain content. Without it, ISPs are free to charge more for “fast lanes” and access to what they seem premium content. This is all types of wrong and they need to prevent them from repealing it, doing so harms consumers and small ISP companies that piggyback off larger ISP networks

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The Current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Was on the payroll of Verizon as a lobbyist.That tells you everything right there who interest he has in protecting. He also made a youtube video mocking consumers you thought Net Neutrality was a good Idea, but took down after had a Million views. Here is the You Tube clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QkpvXYJYGU


@Brad_Marsh Thanks for sharing. It seems the the consensus is for protecting net neutrality.

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It’s a “pick your poison” type of situation. At least the people in government have that creeping re-election haunting their decisions. They can only piss off the general population so much before paying for it. Corporations only care about the profit margins. We have 0 sway over them. I’ll take a slight advantage over none at all.

Yeah… I saw that the day it came out and was ready to throw my phone.

I don’t blame companies for trying to improve their profits they would be stupid not to but on the other hand I do blame government employees for not representing and protecting the popular opinion of their constituents. Living in a democracy is supposed to mean something. We will see what happens in this upcoming election but I think with all the recent turmoil the average voter has tuned out. We need a national holiday to vote and less gerrymandering and less voter ID laws designed to suppress popular opinion marginalize and exclude voters.

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Great share. I hadn’t seen that yet, thank you.

Yeah I don’t blame them either. My point was just that they don’t have our best interest in mind. The government should… but it’s not a perfect system.

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I absolutely love net neutrality, and Ajit Pai is a terrible person.

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Leave things as is. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken