What are your thoughts of Anker making a robotic mower?

Would it be cool if Anker made a robotic mower? They make vacuums. Why not a mower?

Too many obstacles in my garden plus it would be more dangerous than a vac

There are robotic mowers out there. It would be great to get an affordable one. Here’s one I read about… http://www.sears.com/robomow-rs630-robotic-lawn-mower/p-SPM8032701925?sid=IDx20110310x00001i&gclid=Cj0KEQjwhvbABRDOp4rahNjh-tMBEiQA0QgTGqUSeqBTNxgRdeWeyttKNP9eSyHfZfKPM7-heltDUZAaAgkO8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

That’s an interesting idea. I think it would be way too costly and kind of dangerous whereas a vacuum only sucks things up not cuts things.

I think this will be well down the road.

if it goes rogue it can chop your toes off.

The concept of mowers is unheard of here in Vegas. We have rocks and sand as landscape lol!

After mowing the lawn this evening - I had this same thought - I’d be happy if they did. I could sit back and relax watching it doing my job :tongue:

All the major lawnmower manufacturers already market them. We saw loads during a recent holiday in Norway.

Turn your lawn into

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Why so modest?

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My back garden isn’t that big :joy:

Bunch of robotic lawn movers available

Sometimes better to leave it to the core professionals. Not by any means under estimating Anker capabilities. But it is better that way.

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