What are your PowerDraw strategies?

I’m curious - what are your Power Draw Strategies? In other words, when does the math work out for you to spend your powerbucks on a powerdraw?

Personally, if there are fewer that 50 entries and I REALLY want the draw item, I’ll submit for the drawing at the maximum number of entries. If there are fewer than 30 entries and I kinda want the item, I’ll enter at the maximum number of entries.

However, I’m unsure about entering the drawings at all now that there are auctions. I mean, if there’s something at auction that I want, I can certainly get it for the same or less as what I would enter into the drawing for. For example, I would rather spend 300 powerbucks on an auction that on 10 entries at 30 bucks each. This has led me to kind of hoard my powerbucks. Has anyone else’s strategy changed since the advent of auctions?

In general, I’m curious - what motivates you to spend powerbucks on a drawing? What sorts of things do you save your bucks for?


So i enter once in every drawing. If it’s something I really want I enter them all. Do you know when the next anker auction house is?

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I don’t! I be like…


One way to determine when the next auction will be is to search “auction” and look for a pattern.

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Yeh I was thinking about that yesterday… the auction is amazing as you can bid on what you want and you can see the bids and you can see the chances of winning, but the powerdraw is that you can spend 300bucks and you might not even get the product.

The auction might be out today or tomorrow…

Yep, I just bid on what I want, but only one entry at a time. Before I was all in but never winning. So, I’m trying real hard to wait for the auction. I don’t have many powerbucks and I am trying to use them wisely.

im soo temted to use all my powerbucks in the draw but i think ill just wait…:frowning:

thats me! :slight_smile:

Simple one:

If I really NEED an item I go for it,
otherwise I keep my hands for other who may really NEED it.

That’s all. :grin:

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Same as the others, once every while, to make sure i enter all max.

So hard I haven’t enter a single power draw. I’m waiting on an item I really want

I have to agree with your Power Draw stategy and must admit I am saving my dollars for auction as well.

I hope a great product gets auctioned next :+1:

Keep having the odd dabble myself (mainly torches or speakers = family gifts to spread the brand name :grin:), rarely go above 5 on each based on the entry numbers…prefer the auctions where you have slightly better odds (depending on the bucks)…

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Looking at your powerbucks I gotta say you have PRETTY GOOD chances man lol :+1: @ndalby

Oh ja Neil, “give aways” to my “old kids” and friends.
But this way I could recruit new customers.
This is one of our tasks I think.


If it’s something I’m interested in, and I have enough bucks, I might go all in. But I observe the odds - how many entries the item already has - and I’ll wait until Friday to decide wether it’s worth it to go in.


Depends how skint I am on bucks lol I’ve got a nice little stash at the min though. (Which may not last long)

But I tend not to enter every week, and when I do it depends on my mood. If something takes my fancy il go all in but other than that just normally buy 1 or 2 tickets.

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I did the all in, I have done the 1 ticket thing… Really it just depends on my mood at the time. I use to watch the entries and base whether I enter or not and if I do how many tickets, but now it’s just whatever. If I need it I will enter, if I just want it then I enter, if I don’t need or want it I still enter just for the sake of consistency but only 1 ticket.