What are your favourite Anker SoundBuds, so far?

Since being on the Power User program I’ve had the opportunity to try out most of the SoundBud range which have graced the UK shoreline and where wanted purchased others from Amazon. Each set has consistently (to an extent for some) improved or brought something new on a previous model (but I also sometime still revert to my trusty SoundBud Slims)

So here’s my question, what is your favourite SoundBud offering from Anker / Zolo so far and why? Feel free to give some reasons which might help other’s to branch out or upgrade to a new set, or even link to a review you might have done :smile:

  • SoundBuds Slim
  • SoundBuds Slim+
  • SoundBuds Sport
  • SoundBuds NB10 Sport
  • SoundBuds Tag
  • SoundBuds IE10 Digital (soon to be discontinued)
  • SoundBuds Surge
  • SoundBuds Curve
  • SoundBuds Lite
  • SoundBuds Life
  • Zolo Liberty
  • Zolo Liberty+

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Form me the Slim+ for every day usage and NB10 for sports :wink:

The Slim+ have the magnetic feature and are the best in public situation, you can remove it and listen to people in a instant without worry about where put the headphones.

The NB10, have the best form factor the practice every type of sports, a little defect is the isolation, in sport like cycling or running and it’s better to feel the outside sound if you are in streets.


Check you out using the Voting Platform :thumbsup:

I have voted for Surge and Liberty+ which I’m
Sure I will love as soon as I get time to get them out and have a play with them.

I do have the SoundBuds Sport IE20’s, I use them in work and keep them on my desk for when I need a quiet hour or just want some of my own tunes instead of the office radio. Best feature on them is the magnetic switches. I love that I can just pull them apart and they are instantly turned on and paired. But, they do make my ears ache if I wear them for too long.

I love the Surge for sound quality and comfort. They are soooooooo comfortable. It’s taken me a while to get in the habit of turning them on manually though :joy: and sometimes I do put them in and wonder where the sound is hahah


My vote goes to the SoundBuds Slim+…but only because they are the only Anker SoundBuds I actually own. :wink:


I’m with @Oggyboy I love the surge, good bass and great vocal clarity.


My first pair of earbuds from Anker were the SoundBuds Sport. I have enjoyed them a great deal! Today, I received my pair of Zolo Liberty+ and so far, I am IMPRESSED! Full review forthcoming in the next 1-2 weeks.

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I have the slims and slims + and love em. I prefer the Slims+ there specs are slightly better but the main reason I like them better is it has a longer wire from earbud to earbud.

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I voted for the SoundBuds Curve with the ear hooks. They work the best for me when running!

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I reviewed the Surge and found them to be excellent, especially bass response - you can take a look at the video here;

I’ve also tried the Slims, very nice and an absolute steal at the price :+1:


I love the post and vote for SoundBuds Life! Really like the sound quality!


Great! Thanks for sharing your review! :thumbsup:

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Thanks, I appreciate that :+1::+1:

Liberty plus

I got the SoundBuds Curve for $18 on sale on Amazon - you just can’t beat that value!

Wow, so many people vote for liberty plus! That’s good!


That was a great deal! I’m kicking myself for not grabbing a spare pair in another color!

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I’m waiting for try the liberty+ in Italy, can you tell me when they’ll came to Amazon IT?

Surprised the Liberty+ so strongly voted given the $150 is so much more than most others in the $20-$30 range, I’d have thought fewer owned.

I agree with you @TechnicallyWell :blush:

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Was thinking the same, that and the reported fit issues a lot of owners have mentioned…

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