What are your favorite USB C smartphone chargers and cables?

I came across this top 10 in stuff magazine today for USB C accessories

I also noticed this Anker USB Type-C 30w charger has been out of stock for a while so it must be very popular

What are your favorite USB C wall chargers and USB C cables?

The ones yet to exist, the ones we have now aren’t that incredible. I have a USB-C phone (OnePlus2) which is just the cable its still 2A 5V, and a tablet 3A 5V and when I measure the Anker USB-C Powerport5 port its not as fast as the supplied 3A 5V from the tablet maker.

So room for improvement.

I use the Power drive speed 2, a power core with QC3, both with the black Anker usb A-C cable.

All work absolutely fine with my Pixel, however none are USB-C PD standard. So I’m not saying they are my favourite.
Waiting till Anker come out with some certified PD cables and chargers before I buy more.

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Agreed. I only see one cable saying USB 3 hence only 1 cable which can do USB-PD. That cable doesnt appear able to bought by itself its in a pack with a 2.0

In this holding pattern what I do is make do with basically USB 2 2A even though the cable is physically shaped as USB-C, I then defensively connect my Powercore to slow the drain on my USB-C Pixel C which usually works. If i waited til the Pixel C battery flat then connected anything Anker and tried to keep working, I’d not be successful. Doing as I describe because you’re basically meeting on average more than enough of the laptop’s demand you can end up recharging slowly or at worst drainly slower to make til you stop working.

It’s a hack but its a cheap hack, just involves thinking proactively not tra-la-la waiting til low battery warning.

Nothing beats the stock nexus USB C charger but my astro E3 with the belkin USB C cable also shows rapid charge, i have had no luck with other chargers to get it to show rapid charge.