What are you listening to on your Anker Audio devices?

Do you enjoy the clear, long-lasting sound delivered by Anker audio? Then we want to know more!

Tell us what you’re listening to, which Anker audio product you’re listening on, and feel free to share some tunes… we promise not to judge :wink:


Currently use several products, each to meet a required need but the main three used are;

SoundCore - office use, streaming internet radio and the occasional AAC album in the holidays from an iPod Touch. Volume level at 40% meets the needs for my broom cupboard of an office :wink: and can easily last 7-10 days before needing a charge.

SoundCore XL - home/garden use, brilliant audio quality with just enough bass and more than enough volume for my varied collection of rock/pop/jazz and opera in AAC, lossess and 24bit. Its waterproofing makes it a favorite for when soaking the in bath :thumbsup:

SoundBuds NB10 - mainly used for the gym or when on a run, hold well, sound good blocking out the majority of background noise when playing music, while still allowing me to hear for danger when put on pause

Fav tracks…well too many to name but the the top ones I use for any audio product to put them through it’s paces;

Hotel California - Eagles
In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins
Who Wants To Live Forever - Queen
Superstar - Carpenters
​When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky - The Jeff Healy Band
Tosca: Vissi D’arte (Atto II) - Maria Callas
Billy Jean - Michael Jackson


SoundCore: I typically stream the “Alternative Hits” station on Slacker Radio and also Beats 1 radio from time to time. I like it that I can carry it around my house depending what I’m working on and I rarely need to charge it.

SoundCore Nano: I tend to use this a lot of listening to podcasts, but I also tether it to my backpack while hiking for music (I know, I know… I should be enjoying the sounds of nature instead).

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Mostly work calls, Webex dialling me on my Soundbud Slim.

I might watch BBC stuff on the Nano as its crisp for audio.

I find the Soudcore Mini isn’t getting used. It is basically only for music, it is “too bassy” for most things and bass is something which travels further and therefore is anti-social. So its really for groups who want to hear the same thing.

As for music, well all the best stuff was written centuries ago and is stored in my head, I can play without any technology.

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Kinda the same story with mine, keep occasionally dusting off to use the radio or test microsd cards with audio files but on the whole its rather neglected


Soundcore XL: Used from everything to listening to music indoors, movies on the iPad.

Soundbuds Sport NB10: Used on my daily 5+ mile runs and while weightlifting. And yes I admit to listening to less than manly music at times when wearing these as they do not broadcast to everyone your “business” no song titles will be provided though. Thank you for your understanding. :unamused:


As a cyclist I would not be so dumb or as rude to wear headphones when biking. It is 30 years since I was by anything and I ride 10,000 miles/year and anything in my ears would be suicidal if not exceedingly dumb.

What I find is I just put the earbuds around my neck, so the magnets are great, and if someone phones me I then pull over and answer.

The Soundbuds IE20 would connect when you pull apart, but the newer Slims do NOT the magnets to do connect them to the device, step backwards.

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According to music psychology scholar Adrian North, PhD, who conducted a three-year study correlating the musical preferences and personality traits of more than 36,000 participants, jazz fans are deep thinkers.:sunglasses:

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I’m curious about your song list! :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you a classical music lover?

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I use a SoundCore mini at home, and SoundBuds Sport while out and about. Listening to anything and everything, at moment Ed Sheeran, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Guthrie, Talking Heads etc. etc.

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