What are you 3 most everyday used Anker products?

Just curious to know what are your 3 most used Anker products in day to day life… Let’s keep this to 3 products only. I know its difficult to choose (I have over 40 Anker products to choose from).

I’ll start with mine.

  1. Roav F0 (use everyday in my car, all the time) - my absolute necessity
  2. Soundcore Liberty Air (I have 2 of these and I keep 1 on me all the time)
  3. Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb (White + Color) - Wifey uses this for her getting ready light :grin:
  1. Soundcore flare :blush:
  2. Anker cables
  3. Anker cables

I would go on but it’s really all anker cables :joy:. I’ve been using my powerport since I got it a few days ago… to plug in my cables…


Use more than 3 Anker items on a daily basis but keeping the list short :smile:

  1. Roav Viva
  2. Soundcore Spirit X
  3. Anker Powerline II 3 in 1 cable
  1. PowerDrive Speed 2
  2. PowerWave 7.5 Pad
  3. Eufy HomeVac

PowerDrive on the way to work in the morning if I forgot to charge the phone the night before, PowerWave at work and on my nightstand (until the Wakey comes out) and the HomeVac every morning and evening because toddlers are always looking for something (no matter how small) to put in their mouths. This includes crumbs, strings, lint, dog toy remnants, and every other thing that could possibly be on the floor, because why not.

  1. Powerport 2 wall charger
  2. Eufycam
  3. ?? Yet to get

Too bad :pensive: I own only 2 products from Anker so far, in the process of getting more stuff but when time comes :slight_smile:

  1. Soundcore Liberty Neo/Air … Both get used equally everyday, one at work and the other when at home. I gifted my Zolo+ away

  2. PowerPort 5 with USB-C, it’s bedside so it gets used all day charging different devices or batteries

  3. Anker wireless car mount, used everyday whenever I’m driving somewhere


1.) anker power line 2
2.)eufy smart bulb
3.)soundcore flare


1.- Lightning Powerline+
2.- PowerDrive 5
3.- PowerWave

  1. PowerPort Speed PD 5 …used daily
  2. Powerline + II Lightning cable … used daily
  3. Powerline Micro USB cable … used daily

Lol I’m gonna cheat as my first product is a combination of 3

  1. Powerwave 7.5 wireless charger (connected via anker powerline cable to a anker fast charger wall plug)
  2. Soundcore Spirit headphones
  3. Powercore 5000

In fairness with all my usb plugs being Anker’s and each maxed out with Anker cables I tried to not count these :yum:

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Not everyday, but I use the powerbank now and again, and the spirit earphones now n again.

I can’t use the wall charger as not got the cables to use it… Waiting for shipping info for recent power draw win, and one other hint hint @AnkerOfficial

Anker cables definitely #1
#2 Power Port Wireless 10
#3 Sound buds Surge

I use to many all the time
1.) Anker power port 5 with usb c pd
2.) a plethora of Anker cables
3.) Anker power wave wireless charger

I also use my Anker fusion 5000 but that’s like always in my bag ready for every emergency. I use a lot of other Anker products but these are the three I can’t live without ever.

Well, I have an Anker USB-C to 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Ethernet Adapter and an Anker USB-C to HDMI cable connected to my computer at all times, it’s hard to beat that. I also use my SoundCore Liberty Air on commute every day. But it’s a close call to other speakers and my SoundCore Space NC, and my PowerWave at my bedside table every night.

Powerdrive, cables, and an old Anker 5 port charger (still in great condition)!

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  1. Karapax Case / Glass Screen protector combo - always on the iPhone, iPhone always in the pocket :grin:

  2. SoundCore Infini - hardwired to TV, used at least a few hours daily

  3. SoundCore Spirit X - used almost daily at the gym or for some variation of exercise

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Zero, Flare, Charger.

Robovac “Willi” needs sometimes a recovery break. :grin:

Karapax iPhone case (and screen protector)
PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand Qi Charger
ROAV DashCam

Anker 10 port 60w under the tabletop on my pc setup

Eufy lumos smartbulb in the living room

Anker USB powerport 4 lite USB charger in the bedroom