What are the specs for USB-C Hub Model A8343?

I have an Anker USB-C Hub (7 in 1 ?) that I bought several months ago. It’s been obsoleted by a newer version. It doesn’t charge my iPad Pro and I’d like to check the specifications. I’ve searched the forum and used Google Search with no results.

You need at least a 30W USB-C charger to allow HUB to pass thru charging voltage to charge iPad. The Hub needs to be powered up, it is a load on the charging circuit. Ergo the need for a 30W or more charger.

Thanks, I’ve the Anker 7 port hub plugged into a thunderbird/USB-C port on my macBook Pro 16. If I plug my iPad Pro, that I think requires 18 watts to charge, into the PD connector the iPad doesn’t charge. If I plug the iPad into my mac it does charge.

Is this a limitation on my older Anker hub (which I suspect) or is it that I’m doing something wrong?

(I have my powered monitor plugged into the hub as well.)

No you are not doing anything wrong. From what you describe I would use a 30W or greater charging brick to power pass the wattage to the iPad Pro. I have the same 7-in-1 as you and it charges up nicely with my 45W PowerPort III Slim 4 Port Charger and also using my 30W usb-c brick. The hub itself consumes around 12W so anything less than 30W is not viable.

This is the brick I am using. I’m sorry to say it is not Anker but a competitor. It works great.

RavPower 30W

Got it! Thanks. I’m going to replace my macBook Pro charger with a 100 W 4 port charger so my problem will go away and I don’t see any need to replace the old Anker hub with the newest one.