What are powerbucks exactly?

i vwas sort of confused on the difference between powerbucks and the points. somebody please explain it to me because im having a brain fart about it lol. Love Anker products by the way i have 2 of their speakers and use them daily!


Powerbucks are to use in the power draw and points are for leveling up.

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Glad you love anker!

So experience points are what measure how high your level is (how active you are). You cannot lose experience points. If you look by my username, you will see I am level 8. That mean I have between 6,000-12,000 points. As you level up, and stay active, you earn experience points.

Powerbucks are earned the same way. You stay active, and level up. As you do this, you will keep earning powerbucks. Powerbucks can be spent. You can use them to enter the weekly powerdraw. You can also use them to bid in the monthly anker auction house. The amount of powerbucks you have, can decrease as you spend them.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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You will see all the details for Levels, Experience Points and Powerbucks on the below URL and the ONLY place you will get all details :slight_smile:

It also lists the rules



The following might help, it covers all the main parts of the community (rules/bucks/points etc)


Powerbucks is a form of achieving a higher level of eternal happiness.

If you win the Powerdraw, you message me and I give you an address, when you use that address to send your winning items, you will achieve a higher spiritual status in the next life.


Welcome to the community!

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Welcome and enjoy your stay!

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welcome to Anker world

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I will remember this next time I win! Thanks!