What are guidelines for charging and draining a PowerCore 10000 A1263 ?

Hi - I’ve just bought the PowerCore 10000 A1263. There’s nothing about how long a charge should take or how to drain it in the ‘manual’ that comes with it. The only advice it gives is ‘use and recharge at least once every 4 months’.
I read in the forum that the initial charge should take about 8 hours which was what mine took. But should it drain to 0 lights on the charge display before I recharge or 1 light?
Any other tips?

Thanks in advance

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Depends on the power of the charger.
But I am not an expert.
You should wait , until those will show up later from over the pond :slight_smile:

Hello, welcome.


This is an old product, I bought over 5 years ago. Aside: it still works and is actively used. But as you just bought it, the concern it was not stored carefully in the warehouse and there is a risk it is already physically aged.

I’m seeing the current sales literature has been scrubbed of facts we once knew, so I’ve looked at what info I saved when it was new and its charging time was 6 to 7 hours when charged from 5V 2A.

I don’t understand this.

If you are asking about battery aging, then:

  • store if fully charged
  • if storing for more than a few weeks, then store it 2/3rds charged, so 2 or 3 lights lit.
  • if you use it often, every few weeks, there is no need to empty/recharge it all.
  • if you don’t use it all for months, then connect it to something to drain it, let it keep draining, it will have 1 flashing light remaining, then turn itself off. Then recharge

In general if you intend to use it often, every few weeks, you do not need to worry about draining / charging, just use it normally, you can fully charge it often and use often

You can recharge it as needed, unless you don’t plan on using it often