What anker gear are you gifting this year?

I am giving these powercore 10000 to family and some friends what about you guys? Anything cool for that special person? Best friend? Cat or dog?



My family is getting PowerCore Fusions for my cousin. I’m getting a PowerPort 4 for my grandparents and a PowerPort Speed 2 (though I’d really like IQ2, but that’s not coming out until next year) for my sister. Planning on getting PowerCore+ II 10000 for my mom (and hopefully one for me, too) whenever that comes out.

Hopefully it’s before Christmas! @AnkerOfficial and clues?!

I second that!! I would love to get one of those for my brother, I am also still waiting on that $150 price box too @AnkerOfficial “cough”. Can I get a tracking number yet?

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So far this last couple of months have gifted 3 Soundbuds Life and a Soundcore and Soundbuds Slim, two Nano, two Powerline Lightning, two Powercore+ Mini, Powerport2 Eite, a Powercore 5000. I am looking to gift a few other items.

I also may have forgot something, I gift often.

I am the one wanting the new stuff, chomping at the leading edge, I tend to use money on myself for the latest greatest and tend to use the gifts which are more commonly older products for others, usually items I have already myself I have pre-checked.

Powercores age even if you don’t use them so I’ve got myself two new Powercore for myself so I’m gifting my older Powercore to others so they die of beneficial use than inactivity in a draw. I’m focusing on having for myself just one small one medium one large and gift everything else around, I have two suitcases going back with Anker stuff in next weeks from visiting family. The USA where I am tends to get on average better prices and better prizes so I’m gifting to UK visitors. They need it (Brexit).

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Waiting for a sale for wireless charging pads to give as gifts!

USB Cables since they refused to change their old blackberry usb cables

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Just placed two orders for the Eufy BodySense Smart Scale – one for me & one for my folks. Trying to get a head start on my new year’s resolution for 2018!

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I’ve had my prizes too so gifting 1 SoundCore, 2 SoundCore Mini’s & LC90 buy not quite sure who is having it. Maybe my dad. He comes out of hospital today too yay!! Been in since June and recovered amazingly :pray:


Without getting too personal @Oggyboy hope he’s doing well and recovering from whatever put him there.

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I believe @Nhi was on the fence for a SoundCore Nano for her Chihuahua :laughing: :joy:

Out of my $150 shopping spree I’m gifting x4 of the items to family, SoundCore Boost, LC40 x2 and the BT Keyboard :smile: A SoundCore Nano and PowerCore+ Mini have also recently gone to friends…

Seconded :ok_hand:

Your delivery status shows uploaded successfully, if there are any problems I will let you know.:grin:

Is your friends satisfied with our products?:grinning:

Hope we can have a discount during Christmas.:evergreen_tree:

A healthy life begins!:grin:

Nice package :slight_smile:

Thanks @elmo41683 & @ndalby the doctors don’t even know what put him there but he had some form of breakdown, but since he’s been taking his medication correctly he is back to his normal self (ish) which is great.

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Not so much a gifting as such but I have gifted the knowledge to allow our new colleague to make the right choices.

I came in to work today and Tom told me he had ordered a PowerCore 20100 from Amazon :ok_hand:
My heart was filled with pride that the discussion we had about portable power last week on Black Friday had been remembered and he even rejected his sisters advice to buy another brand for £8 cheaper. He looked at the reviews and capacity and advice given and made the right choice :clap: :clap:

Some people celebrate other holidays that take place before Christmas. Will you run sales before as well?

Thirded, hope he gets well

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