What advantage does IQ charge have over traditional methods?


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The IQ intelligence supports devices that can handle a higher charge. Back in the day, most USB ports only supplied 0.5 amps of power. Along comes the iPad where 0.5 amps wouldn’t cut it, so Apple used a special USB specification that can provide 2 amps. However, the USB port needs to be able to signal “hey, I support up to 2 amps” when a compatible device is plugged in.

Power IQ “speaks this language” when a device is plugged. The Anker unit will check “Hey, I support 2 amps, do you?”, “Hey, I support 1 amp, do you?”, “Hey, I support 0.5 amps, do you?” when you connect a device so that it gets the proper charge.


It makes it so that you don’t have the charges with a .5 amp, 1 amp, and 2 amp ports.

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The fastest possible charge for your device.

there are no advantages ,it is simply an “awesome” name to call the norm. of tech in a cable

But a device will only draw what it’s limited to (in terms of current) even if 10A is available to them, no?

Short answer: yes.
Long answer: There are 4 pins in a USB connector. The middle two are referred to D+ and D-. Depending on the voltage detected on the D+ and D- pins determines what amperage the device can support.
For example: when iPhone detects a D+ and D- voltage of D+ = 2.0V, D- = 2.7V, iPhone accepts up to 1000mA charging speed. If this voltage signal is not detected, iPhone accepts up to 500mA
Power IQ understands these different voltages on D+ and D- for several devices and signals the maximum voltage the device can support.

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