What adblocker are you using?

I installed a new Linux-version and I am using FireFox 77.0.1.
I had to decide between Adblock + and uBlock.
First I used Adblock +, now I changed to uBlock.
Which seems to have better blocking “lists” without any fine tuning.

What are you using?


I use a combination.

On a full desktop I use:

  • Chrome extension Adblock Plus (and I disable all ads)
  • Chrome extension Youtube adblock
  • Webmail Adblock


On Android I use:

  • Firefox Focus
  • Vanced App

Listen, if you want my money you have to have a better idea, not just more marketing budget…

Blocking Ads across the board helps battery life, laptops, phones, etc.

Also advertising in general, making you want what you don’t need so it becomes future landfill, is hardly a good idea. If I need something I’ll go find it, thanks.


When I used Adblock Plus the youtube advertisings were active.
Haven’t used that adblock for YT.
Now with that uBlock all seems to have disappeared. :grinning:
Even those annoying demands : “Disable your adblocker”.

But the more add-ons you use the slower the whole thing gets usually.

Genau! :wink:

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I then paste link into Incognito mode, so any cookies it drops just burn away when I close. Ads must be targeted which needs cookies to accumulate your preferences.

Good products sell themselves via word-of-mouth, therefore, by definition, all advertised products must be rubbish. If I want an opinion I’ll seek it out :slight_smile:

Ja, an idea.
But at the moment all is “clean”

Home router: This is the best I have seen for quite some time and running it smooth :slight_smile:
I use Merlin on Asus with custom adblock application running on it, plus URL blacklist on the router & Adguard DNS for adblocking.

Windows 10: nano adblock on MS Edge Chromium (& chrome), Host file block,

iPhone: Adblocker for iOS on iPhone,

some more, and more, will not bore you guys

after all these hurdles… if some site gets blocked i use iPhone LTE to check the site in incognito mode :rofl:

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I have been using AdBlock on Chrome for a while and haven’t really messed around since it seems to do it’s job. I also have it on Edge when I do open that. I’ve tried a couple different ones but this I’ve seen works best for me. Don’t have any on iPhone idk why :sweat_smile:

there are chrome extensions for the anti-Adblocker scripts :smiley: i use those too!

Thats always the big question what browser to use.
I have installed both.
I used chrome for a while, but I came back to firefox.
But what the best to use this is more a psychological question.
Same with email-programs.
I grow up with LINUX in the last 10 years so I sometimes return to the “roots”
I remember well the “Exploder” under Win.
But seems meanwhile there are much better solutions from MS.
(They learned! :rofl:)

Here is a statistic about use of browsers in Germany

Here is that for USA:

I don’t use any adblockers. The internet can’t function the way it does without ads.

I used to use adblockers for pop ups, but I haven’t gotten those in years- so I don’t use any adblockers anymore.

Safari use is higher in USA than Germany because USA has a less deregulated cellular market, particularly people caught in particular networks where they have to buy a locked phone and it’s often iPhone.

Yes it can.

The Internet is a set of protocols, and the physical network is paid by peering and the monthly network fees you pay (to cellular, domestic, business).

What you are referring to is:

  • a large amount of low value low quality material
  • who compete to cover their costs
  • via adverisement

So what you getting a 99% more full of crap content, funded by advertisement. If you banned Ads then just the quality stuff remains.

It’s like if you got rid of all of the USA barbituarts, you’d run out of money to fund the healthcare lobbyists. You’d be left with just healthier people. Which was what is medicine’s original purpose. Just like internet original purpose was standards and networks and good content passing through it.


One of my old joke is.
You are using smart home or alexa and you go to the loo often at night.

So you will get an advertising soon :

“Take that pills against your urological diseases.” :rofl:

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This is what I use on Samsung Internet

I use 1Blocker mainly because it syncs my whitelist between devices. Don’t forget to whitelist the sites you want to support! :wink:
Personally, I use ads on my site to help cover the hosting costs, but I try to avoid the more obtrusive ads such as the “overlays” that prevent you for reading the page (and you have to click the tiny “X” to close it).

It depends really on the browsers your are using.
Meanwhile there are many browsers and adblockers around.
For me, I said it, the uBlock seems to be “stronger” without special adjustments than this Adblock plus.

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In a parallel universe where Ads didn’t exist, you’d not have to compete with low quality sites, there’s no arms race to get as much eyeballs and clicks each fighting for the tiny revenue per click, and so you’d have subscribers and for-fee services. Most of the journalists who are forced to create low quality information to get it out quickly to earn a living would not exist.

That parallel universe existed about 1995.


Do you think there is a need to support?

If only low quality content has ads, then you don’t need an ad blocker- as you don’t need low quality content.


If I am reading an online magazine (low quality or not) I am disturbed by any advertising.
Eg flickering videos.

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