What a cracking idea!

I just (very late but here finally) got my Samsung Galaxy Buds, and I had an idea

One of the features of the galaxy buds is they can be wirelessly charged. So I placed them on my Anker stand… Yes, that works. How well etc I don’t know?

Obviously be easier on a wireless pad, but careful placement, they will charge on the stand.


if you have the s10 they can charge on the back


Such an interesting look lol but I’m glad it works no reason that it wouldnt

Very cool. I hope anker incorporates this into the liberty air 2 :joy:

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Question about Galaxy buds… Can you operate each one individually with the other one still in case? Something similar to Airpods

Cool idea :smile:

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Cool, That’s a great way to get around the wireless charging. :+1:t2:

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Leonardo da Mac! :grin:

Very cool! They don’t slide off?

Yes you can

No, once you get in the right place, they stay there.

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I know they can charge on the back of my S10 plus, and obvs being g able to wireless charge, they should have worked on a pad, but not so obvious to use on a stand (not knowing how large/small the coil is in the bud case).

Of course they’ll charge quickly using the supplied USBC cable.

Wicked. It’s nice that Samsung doesn’t get in the way of charging on others qi devices!

That’s too funny, but awesome that it works! Wireless charging is an amazing thing. I wish more things in our lives would charge wirelessly. Have you seen the room Disney created in their test labs that offers power wireless to all devices inside of it?

I don’t know of any company’s that do that.?.?.?

Apple. :apple: of course.

False. Do you own any iPhones?

Referring to apple watch.

Oh lol. That makes more sense :joy: