Weird Food Combinations

Just seen this while browsing the BBC news website over lunch

Now I’ve heard of deep fried mars bars and a few others but wow, this was one that would have never occurred…

So whats the weirdest food combination you’ve heard of…or better yet actually tried?


There’s a vendor here in California who goes to all of the various county fairs and the state fair. He specializes in deep fried food and has done short ribs, Kool-Aid, meatballs dipped in peanut butter (then deep fried). I haven’t tried any of that junk because it all sounds disgusting, but he did open a restaurant in San Diego…

Deep fried food at all seems not so good for any stomach.
For an elder one as mine it’s quite poison.
Causes heartburn.
But for you young folks it might be still safe to eat. :yum::yum::yum:

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I friend of mine once had some AirBNB guests with unique food habits, like putting sardines into their morning cereal with milk. In a college event where students from different countries showed off their traditional food, I saw one classmate mixing a Russian cake with paella in the same bite.

Fired Oreos and candy bars are considered extremely “safe” here in the states. Google weird fried state fair foods… Fried ice cream burgers, butter and Kool Aid are only a few more daring inventions. (Chocolate covered scorpions I have had, still kind of wish I didn’t)

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Deep fried Oreos sound delicious, have you tried it?

Haggis pizza is one of my favourites. Although over the past few years it has gotten much more common over here.

Grilled pineapple covered in cinnamon is another good one, not sure if it is classed as weird though :blush:

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Omg, grilled pineapples with cinnamon sounds so yummy.

I tried deep fried oreos a few months back and they were delicious.

I want to try fried butter, koolaid, jellybeans, and fried beer

Oh, I saw my dad make a peanut butter & onion sandwich not too long ago, then I read “It” and Stephen King had one of the characters make one. My brain has never been the same.

What is haggis pizza?

Sliced haggis on pizza? Or haggis with cheese and tomato inside?

Whichever is correct I offer the other as my patent pending next idea.


Of course, us British are infamous for our sandwiches, which includes almost ANY filling.

Pot noodles, roast dinner, curry, fries chips n crisps, fish fingers or any fish…

Basically anything you want to put between two bits of bread (even wet food) or a roll (insert alternative name for a roll… Bap etc)

Butty Vs bap…
A butty is a sandwich … A chip butty
A bacon bap is a roll

What in the actual…

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My thoughts exactly!

Generally a normal 3 cheese pizza with a thin layer of haggis over it - like mince. Some also make little haggis “balls” and put them on it.
Picture from google…

Haggis pakora is also fantastic. I just love haggis :smile_cat:


If you are having a bbq or something then try the pineapple. It is awesome!

Haha I already did that yesterday. Fired up the grill and while I made some dogs and burgers I had these going too. So so yummy…but best not to do it at the same time as other food because everything tasted like pineapples :joy:

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Never been a fan of Haggis but that does look tasty :yum:

Cheese makes everything better☺️

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Now I know what is. (Wiki tells you everything) :slight_smile:

There are similar stuffs like this in the North of Germany.
Not here in Bavaria. :grin:

But I think, as I like to experiment too when cooking, there are really interesting combinations which would be delicious using this Haggis.
May be, the recipe (ingredients) of this Haggis differs from the parts of UK you get it, I was reading the original Haggis comes from Scotland.

So we might start swapping recipes like old housewifes!!!:joy::joy: