Weekday / Weekend scheduling

Eufy 11s Slim can only be scheduled to run once a day, every day. I would like to schedule it to run only on weekdays but not on weekends. Or only monday-wednesday-friday.

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Great idea @Sarah_Northway
I dont need my 11S to run at the weekends much, if i do i manually activate it.
So a weekday/weekend mode would be beneficial to me too.

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Hope they can do that, it would make it much better

I sometimes need to tidy away stuff before Eufy runs (‘She’ loves to mangle headphone cables). If I sleep in on Sat/Sun I sometimes hear horrible crashes as something gets dragged off a table in our work-from-home office. :sweat_smile:

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Nice idea. Although I do not have but figured it would already have it.

I am not sure if Robovac 11S has this option or not…

This is already available via the Eufylife App for Robovac 25C. Something missing on 11S? (Or i think 11S does not have wifi)

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Great, its not just me then @Sarah_Northway
Speaker cables, the corner of the rug and for some reason it loves to mount my speaker stands :rofl:
But it does a great job :+1:t2:

Unfortunately not @Shenoy
11S is a “dumb” vacuum.

I somehow had doubts about it… So how does the once a day scheduling work on 11s @paulstevenewing ?

May be then time for @Sarah_Northway to upgrade the Robovac with WiFi version with Scheduling optik s :+1:

Hi @Shenoy
You set it via the IR remote by adding a start time and the RoboVac starts at that time everyday.
It knows the time as you set the time into the remote and send it to the vacuum.