Website Product Changes

I noticed that the Powercore II Slim 10000 was taken off and a new powerport + usb c was added. Does this mean possibly new products soon? I thought the Powercore slim was relatively new, is it already outdated for something yet to come? And does the usb c powerport suggest more usb c Powercores in the near future?! :grinning:

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Off website is for two reasons typically, it is out of stock so its removed to not waste customers time and to point to what is in stock to direct eyeballs to buying today rather than waiting for stock.

The more reliable way to work out is go to the Amazon page for the product. If out of stock vs unavailable gives more of a hint.

When I look at Amazon that product appears in stock.


Oh okay that makes sense. I guess Iā€™m a little too eager to see more usb c Powercores haha