Website overhaul?

The current website is kind of gimmicky with the battery loading icon what is off center and a shadow overlay that is like 200px too high. Redesigning the website from the ground up with a professional webmaster may result in a huge boost in sales to businesses. Just my 2 cents

Chances are it was a professional webmaster who did the design, it was just their preference. On the whole I like it, I’ve certainly seen (and worked with) worse designs.

However, for a company that has exploded in growth, like Anker, by capitalizing on the emerging power bank market, their website is subpar compared to a company of similar size, like Spigen

I do not know about the impacts, but yes that would definitely be a nice and welcome change (hopefully). :slight_smile:

Personally, I think that the website is nice, I don’t really notice small faults so I think it works fine.

I don’t mind the design, I think it functions well enough. I don’t even visit the desktop site so it may be vastly different from the mobile version, but I have no complaints about the aesthetics.