Website features missing - comparison!


Big fan of Anker products. But lately I’ve had to spend more time than I like helping those to whom I’ve recommended Anker products navigate the website. Making a recommendation for your product can be hard when you end up getting dragged in to each purchase because the manufacturer website is too confusing.

Can you please group products together in a more logical or flexible way? For example you could have the smallest lipstick/tube format chargers together with a drop down to compare specs (dimensions, weight, input/output power, etc.) The current organization by series is meaningless since a series doesn’t have a consistent feature set or design.

And allow users to compare features? Right now you have to browse each series open up the similar products from each series in a tab and manually switch between them to compare. Why can’t the power core mini, power core mini+ and Powercore 5000 very compared? They’re so similar and this would help illustrate the differences more clearly.


I would like to see the comparison feature too. It would be much better if you could compare a few products side by side.

So I was thinking there could be a drop down box where you could check all of the features you are looking for, and then it would make products easier to find. In terms of comparisons, I think it is a much needed feature. I have seen it on Amazon a couple of times, and I feel like if Anker did this, it would be nothing but positive.

If you look at say a APC they have a calculator which points you to a product which fits your needs.

Anker doesn’t. So then its left to users, like me, to ask questions of noobs to extract from them what they have now and needs and then point them.

So questions a website could ask is:

  • gadget make/model
  • battery life now
  • battery life wanted

This would be cool, I like your idea of a “wizard.” There could be a button that says “New to power banks?” and it could ask a few brief questions, before recommending a certain one. It could lookup if the phone uses Quick Charge or not, and recommend Quick Charge power banks accordingly.

I also like the idea of a general comparison tool, maybe with a plus button to add and compare more power banks at your leisure.

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I know science and can do Volts, Amps, Watts, Joules, Ohms, etc. and can do the basic maths.

The issue is most people can’t.

I think Anker can do the math for people. It can’t be complicated.

I was thinking the same thing. I would love to be able to do side by side comparison of items to know the difference. That would be very beneficial

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