Web Portal Request

@AnkerSupport Hello! For the Eufy Web Portal, could you PLEASE add a toggle to “change” the HomeBase mode from Home/Away/Schedule, like the mobile app?


Thank you

WTF?! … Do i missed something?! … :astonished:

Since when the WebPortal is online finally? And why are my live streams do not work, for none of my plenty cams? … (Just tried it several times, see screenshots)

Try exiting the portal completely and re-trying. If that is still not helping, send a message to support@eufylife.com!

nm i see it now (the portal, not the feeds) feeds dont work in firefox because they require Adobe flash :scream: so had to go to edge and see feeds

when playing events I get Unable to play the video clip from microSD card, i’m assuming this requires a web portal subscription?

I’ll just leave this here for comparison



needs flash…
try edge

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@yamyam it’s been up for some time for limited BETA testers group only. There are changes going on based on the feedback from testers. Still wonder how did you miss this opportunity. :thinking:
Now that you have access to the portal, start bombarding support@eufylife.com with your findings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

at this moment, portal will only play events that are recorded to the cloud. The cloud subscription is not started yet.
I believe eufy is working on accessing events recorded on HomeBase SD card in future for those who do not subscribe to the cloud storage.

Sorry bro, havn’t missed it, i just did not sign up for the beta test thing. I did more beta testing than anyone else in the past 4 months for eufy … if they start paying me, i will keep on extensively beta testing :grin:

But i am happy that they finally started beta testing at all!!! … I remember some really horrible and megabuged patches and firmware versions, which never been tested before going “on air”, and made a lot of trouble. So this is an improvement! :thumbsup:

I will enjoy and search for left free bugs and issues as soon as the web portal goes live for all and beta testing ended :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know, that’s why asked how did you miss the real Beta testing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:[quote=“yamyam, post:8, topic:67321”]
if they start paying me, i will keep on extensively beta testing :grin:

You did all that without a pay from eufy anyway why bother now?:grin:


Because the 1000 hours of free yami-beta testing are reached by eufy.
Any more hour need to be payed. Or do you work for free?! :smiling_imp: