We Want to Hear Your Suggestions for Anker Community!

We’ve received a lot of invaluable feedback from the post quoted below, created by our moderator @ndalby. A massive thank you to all who have contributed!

In case anyone has missed this post, we want to point you in the right direction…

The community Power Station is not just for Anker, it is for all of us. To continuously improve our ‘home’, you are always welcome to give us feedback and suggestions. We look forwards to implementing some of your insightful ideas.

You can comment with any kind of feedback and suggestions:

● Suggestions on adjusting community structure.

● New sections, or interesting features that could be added.

● Any external community/forum features that could be implemented.

● Anything you dislike about Anker Community.

● Any other ideas/suggestions.

Note: Remember to click and comment on the post below to make your voice heard, we look forward to listening!