We want bigger capacity

Alright cool, 26800 mah thats cute, but for those power hungry folks like me, I want something bigger. Heavy users who are on the phone almost all day and all night until we go to bed and then we use the phone in the bed. We want something like 50k mah. Seriously

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Already have one. Look up power house. Not just 50k, 120.

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Buy two or three?

26800mah is deliberately to be under 100Wh for carry-on Lithium batteries for flying. If you want more, buy two.

Also two 26800 over one 53600 allows for:

  • if one fails you have the other still
  • you can be using one while charging the other such as if you’re too far from wall socket to cable to your devices
  • two 26800 is 6 ports and 8A combined recharge.

If you use a phone like that, how many days do you go without charging before a 26.8k gets exhausted along with the normal battery size? I have to imagine a 50k device like that isn’t really designed for phones or has secondary features for devices like video cameras, laptops, etc.

Granted, I don’t stream 24/7 or play games 24/7, but that still seems like a lot of battery to use.

Agreed. Above 26800, the weight benefit shifts to solar. A solar panel of the same weight as the 26800 gives 10000mAh/day in sun. Below 26800 is a sweetspot for batteries.

If you’re indoors so solar is not applicable, you’re near power …so…