We’ve Got Huge News for Star Wars™ Fans!

Hey Nebula fans,

We’ve got huge news for you today. Maybe the most awesome in Nebula history!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve joined forces with Star Wars™ to roll out the Capsule II R2-D2™ Limited Edition. This pocket-sized projector looks just like the galaxy’s favorite droid and packs a whole movie theater inside.

Inspired by the scene from Star Wars™: Episode IV – A New Hope where R2-D2™ projects Princess Leia’s message for Obi-Wan Kenobi, this special edition looks just like R2-D2™, and even sounds like him, too. When you switch the projector on, R2-D2™ greets you with his signature beeps and boops.

Once powered up, you’ll find all the same blockbuster features that made Capsule II a fan favorite across the galaxy. The huge 100-inch 720p display is perfect for watching epic space battles above Yavin 4, while the PEW! of blasters and the Ffffkrrrrshhzzzwooooom…woom…woooom… of lightsabers sound crisp and clear through Capsule II’s powerful speakers.

And don’t forget about Android TV. With 5,000 apps to choose from, you have a whole universe of films, TV shows, games, apps, and more right in the palm of your hand.

Capsule II R2-D2™ Limited Edition will only be available in the US while stocks last, so break out your galactic credits before they’re all snapped up.

Check it out: Get the Best Deal in 2022 | Nebula


Okay, this is really cool!

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Funny design.

This should be the initial sound when starting the projector! :joy:


This is totally cool, I wish I had this version over the regular one. But I’m happy with what I have as it s now so I can’t justify purchasing another one just for the design and limited edition factor. But good luck to those who do luck out and get it.

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This is really cool!

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Well, I know more than a few people who will be interested in this Capsule version.

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So cool now they need to make the Astro themed one for Bb-8

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Love it. Me and my family are big Star War fans. May have to look at the funds after vacation and home repairs.

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Good design and option, the price is a bit too much. I am happy with my Astro and Nebula Capsule :slight_smile:

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The Astro?
Could be a “Sputnik”.
But this is USSR design.
May be not allowed! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But isnt that a real beauty!

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Coincidence… watched movie over the weekend with same title (with subtitles) on Astro :smiley:

Is this movie really about the first satellite from the USSR?
Was in 4. Oktober 1957.
Now we have a vaccine called Sputnik.

You know I am not in those newer movies.
When was flying home I watched
“Clockwork Orange” from Stanley Kubrick. (RIP)
I am really a huge fan of this director.
If you dont know him, watch his films,

its a sci-fi, more around fiction

Have to admit - this is a really fun design!

Get them while you can! I saw them on eBay for $1,000+

Not a star war fan but I think this is pretty awesome

This is really cool!

This is absolutely incredible.


I really want this. looks at bank account

wow that looks really cool