We need a 90 degree power cable.

A 90-degree power cable would be more comfortable for charging tablets while using them, better fitting for short cables in car consoles or armrests and longer lasting than forcing the bend in these uses.
I have seen (and purchased) cheap cables but wasn’t happy with the cable quality. My Anker cables are better and I want both, the Anker quality and the 90-degree convenience.

we have 180 degree cables now :blush: check this out: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q61887G

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USB C where can I find one


The 180 degree cables are twice as good as the 90 degree cables in my opinion.

I’d buy one in a heartbeat if 6" length and C to C to keep my Powercore 10000 PD neatly under my phone

Anker has you covered lol

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