We Love Testing: Soundcore Icon review

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Soundcore Icon. It has been a great, music-filled week. I’ve found myself listening to more music just because of the ease of use of this speaker. It pairs very quickly and my phone remembers it every time. The sound quality is great, I love how much bass this speaker has for it’s size. I took this on a couple hikes and picnics, and I love that I can just clip it to my backpack. This strap idea is genius. The battery life is great too. All around just a great product and a very good price of around $50. I would have no problem recommending this product to people. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dntK49oRaFDL5zFk6

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Where are the photos of you doing what you promised on your application?

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Don’t forget to share the picture on Instagram and tag our official account soundcoreaudio with the hashtag #breaktheillusion, you could have a chance to win up to $50 worth of Soundcore audio every Friday!

Wish you went a little more in depth with your review also it would probably be better if you uploaded the picture you have on here instead of leaving a link it’s just easier for those reading through

Why are we JUST learning of this?

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It’s the different team from the community who is in charge of the brand social media.

Tell them then! lol