We Love Testing | Roav Bolt - YouTube video review

I used the Roav Bolt for my daily commute for the past two weeks. It has connectivity issues that need to be addressed as multiple times it would stop responding and I had to unplug and plug it back in to get it working again. It has a couple second delay more than a regular Google Home but that can be expected since its mobile and Bluetooth. It took multiple tries to create a YouTube video review as it kept losing connection or getting stuck. The final video is a little interesting when I ask it “What is the Roav Bolt?”. My video is here: https://youtu.be/1p3pXKAJk9k maybe I will shoot a new better video after the next firmware update.


Maybe in the next video try adding some light to it :thumbsup:

Review looks pretty good :+1:. Some suggestions…

  1. You can do screen recordings for all of the video that takes place on your phone
  2. Light during the part where you show off the roav bolt would be nice :wink:.
  3. A Tripod is a great investment so you don’t have to hold the camera while trying to show off the products :wink:.

Good luck with future videos!

Nice video review

Nice review!

thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing your review with us. :ok_hand:t2: