We Love Testing | Review: USB-C to Lightning Cable

Many of you may be confused about power delivery. That's totally understandable. Why are Macbooks charging with USB-C and phones still using lightning cables? Well, nobody knows! So join the club!

What we DO know is that accessory manufacturers have once again been left to pick up the slack for Apple's design idiosyncrasies. That's where Anker's USB-C to lightning cable comes in!

This allows you to use a single charger for all of your Apple products - everything from iPhone to iPad (even older models) to your MacBook with USB-C charing can be charged with a single adapter. That's right - you could even plug in your iPhone to your MacBook charger. Or you could get a powerful USB-C Battery Bank, or a small USB-C charger, to replace all of them. Anyone who has spent years traveling with multiple chargers spilling out of their bag knows why this is a great idea. Let's get started with how this cable stands up to comparison with Apple's official products:

iPad Air

I was really surprised by this. This cable let me charge my iPad air substantially faster than the stock apple cable. I had originally thought this cable would be convenient because it would let me leave the usb-a adapters behind, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it actually improves charging time! Here is a photo of the iPad air charging with an apple cable, showing 11.86W, standard speed for this device:

I expected the new cable to simply get it to 12W and that would be that, but no! Look at this. The Anker Atom PD charged my iPad at 13.28W, The Anker PowerPort Speed PD charged it at 13.15W, and the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD powerbank charged it at 13.25W - ALL faster than the stock cable! See the pics below:

So let's get this straight - all three of my Anker products, including the powerbank, charges my iPad faster than the stock cable? That's awesome. Let's check an iPad Mini 2:

iPad Mini 2

Turns out the iPad Mini 2 charges faster over PD as well! Have a look at this: Here it is charging on the stock charger, pulling 10.16W:

Here is the USB-C to lightning cable charging the Mini 2 faster than the stock charger, 10.26W:

I've got a few more things I want to meter, but I wanted to get this first review off tonight. I'll update here as I charge more devices with this thing!


This is a great value, not just because I can charge faster, but because I can finally ditch my Apple adapters!

I usually include cons in my reviews, but I have legitimately not found any! I love this cable!

Thanks for reading!


Great review and pics. Awesome that you can charge Mini 2 with it quicker too.

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Excellent review as always @gAnkster :thumbsup:

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Nice job you made!
But this is normal and usual for you! :wink:

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Fabulous review again :grin:

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Nice review thank for sharing

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Another great review, @gAnkster!

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Awesome review :clap:


Great review and pics. Good job!! :ok_hand:


Nice review! I really like that your hand gestures aren’t awkward like a lot of youtubers :joy:


Wow, great review dude :ok_hand: Cool video and awesome pictures.


Terrific review!

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@gAnkster What is the make/model of your usb tester

is it Eversame? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JYVPLLJ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2JJP3F6PC8TJO&psc=1

Yeah! That’s the one. I also have a toogoo - it is exactly the same product without the color readout.


It’s $5 cheaper but took like 2 months to ship from China though :unamused:

The eversame is prime, s shipped right away. It was wortht he extra $5 because I had a review to make!

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I liked and subscribed :joy::wink:. I hope you get some more subscribers!

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Awesome, That helps a lot :thumbsup:

Great review

Nice Review… Thanks for sharing!


Nice review!