We Love Testing - Premium 5-in-1 USB-C Hub (LG Gram & G6)

Hey gang, upon being chosen as a tester for the Premium 5-in-1 USB-C Hub, I figured it was mainly based on the fact that I cited intent to test on an LG Gram laptop and “other things” - that being my phone C port. Aside from the hub’s intended use for Apple devices, I wondered if @AnkerOfficial tried to make it compatible with LG laptops (or if not tried, at least tested)… and if not, liked the idea of my intent to test.
Being potentially useful testing feedback (should they have not tested on an LG Gram), this is mainly for them/@AnkerTechnical - thus the specificity in the title centering around the LG products. FYI, the Gram is running Windows 7.
That said, I also tried to incorporate a little entertainment for the curious. :wink:

For starters, packaging is neat and tight (insert gutter “she said” joke here). Of course, not being a large product, there needn’t be an Amazonian oversized packaging box to cover company bases - it’s right sized and positioned smartly for a nice reveal.
Box opening gif

Once unpacked, the contents are simply the USB hub and a carrying case designed with thoughtfulness (size and cord containment). Form factor is sleek and sophisticated with apparent attention to detail…

and easy plug-in to your device C-connection with subsequent “Installing device driver” initiated thereafter.
Demonstrative plug-in gif

Now, my intended storage device test included a micro SD card, standard SD card and USB drive:

Initial plugin looked good with power delivery to the USB hub (via illuminated circle), and subsequent USB drive illumination (but not necessarily that of knowledge)

However, insertion of my storage devices resulted in no change/discovery or available access through my laptop. Stitch was less than pleased.

(look closely and you can see nothing but C: and my network drive - no USB or SD card drives as would be typical when connected).
Btw, Stitch mentioned a longer cord would help (with swinging or something to that effect)

Finding failure in the hub’s ability to connect/transfer through storage devices, I moved on to the HDMI test… which worked fine with both video and sound transmitting from my LG Gram through the USB hub HDMI port and to my TV (c/o HTS).

Though I can’t say much for Apple capabilities, the compatibility with an LG Gram is marginal at best. While my LG Gram has the C connection, it also has an HDMI output, 3 USB ports (2 high speed) and a micro SD card slot, so there isn’t really a need to expand with a hub. Perhaps Anker knew this and figured that LG laptops wouldn’t be a target for hubs like this, but I have to imagine they were interested in my review for a reason. I hope this was helpful for development, marketing and consideration moving forward.

As extra long-shot testing, I tried out the hub connected to my LG G6 mobile phone (has a C connection). Of course, I imagined that the hub might need more power than the phone could generate from battery, so I also tested while the phone was resting atop my Anker 15kW wireless charging pad. Either way, no dice in that the hub didn’t even power up with an illuminated power circle. Figured it wouldn’t work out, but having it in hand I couldn’t pass up the chance to try. Now that (if it worked), would have been amazing for device transfer capability (would love the physical transfer from my GoPro micro SD vs app wireless transfer) and HDMI output to a display.

So that’s the extent of my test/review. With the circumstances as they are, I’ll refrain from external sharing. :slight_smile:

PS, send a return label if you’d like the USB hub returned - really no use for it. :blush:

Thank you!


Nice review, nice pics! Congrats on being selected to test this product!

Nice review… Like the plush animal you added along with USB-C Hub :blush:

YES! Nice work!

Great job Stitch :slight_smile:

Nice review!

Good review and reference pictures @Omsweet0m :thumbsup:

Great review and photos! :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2:

Nice review! I would like to have it as well :slight_smile:

Congrats again for being chose for the product, and appreciations for the great review…

Congrats on being selected! Review and photos were good.

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Great review! :ok_hand: nice and cute photos! I love it! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the pics!

FYI - I’ve upgraded to the LG G8 and OMG this hub is AMAZING! I’m about ready to give up on my laptop and just roll with my phone and the hub. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Everything works on the hub when connected to my G8 c-connector:

  • Video output via HDMI works like a charm
  • Reads/writes to inserted USB and SD cards
  • Even reads from USB and will send video out via HDMI

That last one is money for me, because I travel with a USB stick loaded with movies and Game of Thrones. Most business travel puts me in a hotel with a USB slot on the TV to insert and watch easily enough, but some TVs have older USB ports that don’t jive with video, or the set is so “commercial” grade that there aren’t any ports… so my fix was always connecting my laptop to the HDMI cable that was routed to the TV from the hotel cable box (or connect my own HDMI). Now, no need to tote a laptop for this need or to use while on a plane (big screen is great, but at the expense of weight, bulk and less capable battery than a phone). Now with this hub, I’m able to watch my vids on my phone via connected USB/card or connect to the hotel TV via HDMI.

Also tested out for use with a phone app that uses AR (to demo during a company presentation). Will be great to switch between the work laptop connected presentation (using HDMI cable) and connect my phone to the projector with the same HDMI to show the app and AR content. :blush:

Also helps streamline transferring files from my GoPro microSD card to my phone… no longer need to connect via the app and transfer over Wi-Fi to 2-step pics into the app and then to the phone.

BOOM, all-in-one awesome device c/o @AnkerOfficial - thank you technology!