(WE LOVE TESTING) PowerPort Atom PD 1


  • charger is approximately a 1.5 inch cube. There are no sharp corners, they are all rounded and smooth. All sides of the cube are a flat non-glossy matte white finish except for the side with the charging port which has a shiny glossy finish. The cube is not slippery and is very easy to hold in my hand. It is actually much lighter than I expected.
  • Charging speed. With my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Plus, the Atom charger successfully triggered a “Fast Charging” display. It stayed constant at Fast Charging (I have experienced other chargers that eventually downgraded to “Charging” over time). My phone was at 44% battery, low enough to charge at full speed as opposed to a trickle charge when the phone is almost full. With the Atom, estimate charge time remaining was 1 hour and 1 minute. I then connect my phone (same cable) into my Anker PowerCore 13000 power bank charger (no Fast Charging capability); time remaining showed 1 hour 18 minutes. 17 minute difference in charge times. Seems like a big deal to me.
  • Atom did not seem to get hot at all


  • Although the charge is a 1.5 inch cube, the 2 electrical prongs protrude an extra 0.5 inch from the cube, adding to the size unnecessarily. I wish the prongs could fold in somehow (although it may be difficult due to the compact size of the cube).
  • I would like some type of light indicator to show that a connection has been made and is charging a device. Although not a huge deal, it has helped during times when I’ve had issues charging, whether it be the device or the cable.


  • For a single charging port, charge seems a bit large in my opinion, but this is newer technology than the smaller and slower chargers so it is understandable.
  • Design and appearance is top note
  • Chargers faster than standard chargers. Would only recommend it if the faster charge time is necessary. Most charge their phones overnight while sleeping, so they’re fine with even the slowest chargers.

Will continue to use this product thoroughly and provide an updated review along with an Instagram post.


Very nice review and photos. Top job! :clap:t2:


Nice and 2 reasonable upgrade suggestions right there.


Nice review and pictures!


Great review and pics

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Nice review! I especially like that you had several “bad” things to say. It shows your being honest! :grin:

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Well done. It’s always nice to see a review with some suggestions for Anker to improve. :slight_smile:

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Nice review; Great pictures :wink:

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