We love testing | Powerpad + Watch stand | My Review w/ Pictures

First off… I apologize for the late response. I wanted to make sure that I had ample time to give a thorough a review.


Simple box with minimal internal packaging for easy unboxing. (which I personally enjoy)


No set up needed for the powerpad, other than plugging in the power cable/power brick. Watch set up, you need to open up the bottom part of the powerpad, there are cable channels to route the watch charger…and bonus there is a usb plug inside so you don’t have to worry about more cables. I did get a little confused with routing the cables (tried without looking at the instructions first) once I consulted the instructions I was able to get it done easily.

Once you do that you’re ready to go.


There are two charging positions for the watch. The watch charger pops up it can charge on its side. Or pushed in flush with the charging station and you can have your watch laying flat.

Now maybe depending on your watch band it might be a bit more challenging to get your watch to stay charging while its laying flat…I keep mine popped up and it charges on it side without issue.


The charging for the phone is pretty straight forward. Making sure that the bulk of the phone must be in the circle (which indicates where to put your phone). The circle is rubberized so your phone does not slip in case you accidentally bump the charging station.

I have an iPhone 8. from 1%-100% charge took approx 2.25 hrs. The phone will not charge when it is face down (which is indicated in the instructions). My wife has a iPhone 8 plus which took just under 2hrs to charge from 1%-100%.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with the powerpad + watch stand. clean minimalist look, clears up cable clutter by managing your watch charger internally. Easy to use.

My only complaint with this is that I have to take my phone case off before each charge, I have a pop socket which prevents the phone from charging (This is indicated in the instructions however). If you have a normal phone case you should be able to charge without having to take your case off, It is only a minor inconvenience, though. Definitely not a deal breaker.

Thank you for your time.


Thanks for your review, your the first to indicate it has a usb plug inside to help save on wire clutter… This is a great feature that can be useful to many.

Any chance you can add pictures? They always help people know what product you are talking about without having to search for it


Yes. Pictures are the best! :joy:

Pretty good other than that. Congrats on winning!

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I will add pictures later.

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Sounds good, if you can please take a picture of the internal USB port. Please and thank you

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Great review @kyle.arban Yeah, pictures tell a thousand words. Overall your review highlighted some important aspects to consider; such as removing the case for every charge. Like any other Anker wireless charger this will work with most cases and no pop sockets. I have three Anker wireless chargers (Stand, pad, and car). They all work great with an Otterbox Commuter case on an iPhone XS Max.

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Thanks for the review. Not sure if I’m ready to pull the trigger on this one. Some pictures might help though!

First, congrats on winning! Next, the review is great and as @Tank said, I haven’t seen anyone else point out the USB port either. I won’t talk about pictures because everyone talked about it already :joy:

Great review!!

Good review :muscle:t2:

Did you notice any changes in watch charging times?

Also, we all LOVE pics :tongue:

Great review, of course like everyone else ask pictures will be nice. What configuration worked for you the most with Apple Watch?

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@tugar32 it’s already answered lol

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That would be a hassel, having to take off your case to charge your phone. Btw, good job with the review.

Great review! Pictures will add more context into the review, do try to include may be 2 or 3 pics, thanks!

Great review man. Better late than never

Great review glad you didn’t rush it. Can’t wait to see the pictures you’ll put up later

Good review @kyle.arban thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

@kyle.arban still look forward to you posting those pictures please

Sorry for the delay everyone…Its been a pretty busy couple days. Photos have been added.

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Pictures are always helpful when it comes to reviews. Glad you actually added them :+1: