‘We Love Testing’ is Back!

By now you probably know that Soundcore’s new Flare and Motion Q speakers have launched. We’re loving testing them out here in the office, even if we can’t always agree on what music should be playing!

We’re giving you the chance to test and review Flare or Motion Q for FREE with our We Love Testing program. Your opinions are incredibly important to us, so we want to hear what you think!

But, you’re probably wondering, “How am I going to choose between Flare and Motion Q?”

Let me introduce the speakers and a few of their features to help you decide:

Flare has 360° sound and a ring of LED lights which react and move in time with your music. There’s an app to control Flare via your phone and it’s fully waterproof so you can party indoors, outdoors, or even by the pool.

Motion Q is fully waterproof, super-lightweight, and also has 360° sound. It’s perfect for traveling or spending time outdoors.

How do I apply?

Once you select a speaker, write a test plan and leave it in the comments section below. Your plan should explain how you’re going to conduct your test and where you’re going to post your review. For the full rules check out the program details below.

You can also share this post on social media with the hashtag #WeLoveTesting to get more of your tech-loving friends involved and increase your chance of being selected.

The testers will be announced on June 11th.

Good Luck!

We Love Testing Program Details:

1. How to enter: Write a test plan for either Flare or Motion Q and leave it in the comments at the bottom of this post for a chance to be selected. Testers will be selected based on the quality of their testing plan.

2. Application time: May 30th - June 8th 2018

3. Testers required: 20 (10 for Flare, 10 for Motion Q)

4. Eligibility for application: US, UK, Canada, and Germany only. We are unable ship to other countries.

5. Review requirements: Once you have received your product, you need to send us a link to your review within two weeks. If you haven’t provided a link after two weeks you will be unable to take part in future We Love Testing programs.

6. Where to share your review: You are not required to post your review to a specific website, but you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), YouTube, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces.

7. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Congratulations to our Flare and Motion Q testers!

We would like to thank everyone who applied to test our all-new Soundcore Speakers!

You created some really thorough testing plans, and we’re excited to see you put them into action. We know that we’re going to get some incredibly useful feedback from all of you.

The testers for Flare are:


The testers for Motion Q are:



All the winners will receive a confirmation email this week to claim your testing product. After you receive Soundcore Flare and Motion Q, please send @AnkerOfficial a link to your review within two weeks.

Unfortunately, space was limited for this test, but as our regulars know, we do exciting new events all the time. Keep checking back!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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After having already tested out the flare, I would love to give the Motion Q a thorough test. I would test the speaker in various environments such as at my job, by the lake and poolside. I will do a video review and post it on YouTube as well as my written review with link to the video posted here. In my video I will also test out the waterproofing of the speaker in my pool as u have done so with the flare and mini 2.

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Tough decision!

I would love to review the Flare - but if that pool gets filled up, I’m also really intrigued by the Motion Q, as both speakers feature the new BassUp technology.
I have done a thorough video review of the Soundcore Sport, and will plan to do one for the Flare (or Motion Q) as well. I’m thinking of posting on YouTube this time.

… and of course, there will be a dunk test! :grin:

I have already tested the flare but would be interested in testing two in stereo given the chance, otherwise I’d prefer to test the Motion Q.

As was mentioned in a recent thread on the forums, here is my thorough testing process for every speaker I test across the different brands I review:

When I test a speaker, I try to hit the main four genres of music that people are listening to. Classical, Rock, Rap, and Pop. I listen to each at different EQ settings to account for personal preferences that people have and consider the fidelity at each of those settings aside from my own personal preferences.

After I do that, I go for what I like and take all of it into account and make my reflections on the product. I try to make my testing as clinical as possible so I can make comparisons to different speakers that I have tested as I go.

I would like to test one of these speakers out since I’m not allowed to have earphones at work and every one blast there little radios having one of these would help me out throughout my 12hr shift in staying awake all night and the next day

I would like to test the motion Q speaker. I would review the speaker by putting it through a series of tests consisting of water and Beach/sand environment worthiness. I would then compare it with my other speakers such as the Soundcore Boost Flare and various others to compare sound quality & loudness as well as Hi’s mids & lows/bass both with bassup on and off. I would then post my review on Instagram Twitter Facebook the Anker forum and Google+ along with a series of pictures.



I would definitely love to test and review the SoundCore Flare!

Interesting that this one doesn’t require PowerBucks or the $1 deal!

Anyways, onto my testing plan:

A video review would be ideal for SoundCore Flare, in order to capture all of those eye-catching lights :sparkles:, and luckily, that’s what I like doing best! I also plan on performing a water test since the Flare is IPX7 rated! Of course, I will do my best to judge the audio quality and overall design of the speaker, as well!

I think this speaker would make a really great addition to my YouTube channel. Also, hopefully down the road, I will add a pair SoundCore Flares (or Flare+s) to my desk setup! I think that would make it look super awesome.

Okay, to be totally honest, I’ve been eyeing JBL’s Pulse 3 speaker ever since its unveiling at CES last year, but now that SoundCore’s Flare is out, it’s got all of my attention. Still, it would be really neat to see Soundcore release a speaker with LEDs encompassing more of the speaker’s body. Who’s with me?

Same date as the end of the Lightning cable sale… and my birthday! This would make for a great present :heart_eyes: :wink:


I would love to get my hands on the flare 360 it would be a perfect replacement for my old speaker that just stopped charging. I use my portable speaker or used to on a daily basis at school and at the pool. I am an avid swimmer and could use a waterproof speaker. I also think that the light ring feature and ability to connect to a second speaker are awesome features and I would like to test them out. I would start by testing the durability. It would live in one of the large drink pockets of my backpack until it was time to come out and play when I’m at the pool or hanging with friends. I would of course need to test how well it performs after being dunked in water.

I would post my review on the Anker forum of coarse Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you Anker for giving us this chance to test your new speakers and good luck to everyone.

Hi @AnkerOfficial and thanks you once again for another great opportunity

I would love to test out the SoundCore Flare and would put it up against a SoundCore Mini and an Anker Premium Bluetooth Speaker to see how it compares.
I will test the Bluetooth 5.0 range and also check out if the iPhone 8 Plus can connect to the speaker and headphones at the same time.

I would also connect to my new Eufy Genie and see if we can make it into a smart speaker :loud_sound:

I would also take the speaker around to my bro in law’s hot tub for a real party :tada:

I would probably do a written review (but might have a go at video, please don’t expect tv commercial quality :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) and will post on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and HotUKDeals.

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I would like to throw my myself into the testing mix @AnkerOfficial for the SoundCore Flare, I recently reviewed the Mini 2 via YouTube and it got me my first 5 subs and 1800+ views (certainly a record for me :smiley: so far I hope :wink:)

Anyways, my testing would be of the key features of the speaker and how it compares to the similar features offered by the Mini 2 (shape, IPX rating, build etc) and the Boost (audio quality and bass). I would be completing a video review (YouTube) and written summary for the speaker to be posted here and on Twitter. It would be good to see if this (plus a second down the road) could become my main daily speaker setup (replacing the Boost but don’t worry it would go to another good home for certain :laughing:)

Oh and yes it would be getting a drowning as per my Mini 2 but hopefully the LED’s will still put on a show when the music cuts out :grin:


I would test the motion Q. I would have my mom try it to tell if it’s use friendly enough for low skill users, including charging, weight, and button design. I would compare the sound and battery life vs the soundcore portable that my dad released from my moms care. Checking outdoor and freeway usefulness.
I would judge both treble and bass performance, checking for muddiness, artifacts, hissing and distortion. I would be Checking for noise fatigue with music or voice.
I currently use the amazon echo for 360 sound and would compair the range, and feisability/practicality of upgrading the echo speaker.
If I had the opportunity to test the motion Q I would post on Facebook and my meager twitter and amazon. I would also post my review on slickdeals.net where you are quite famous. And I would show off it’s usefulness and continue to promote anker as the best company focused on well designed products with quality manufacturing at a competitive price.

Hey Oggyboy, Off-topic slightly I know…

I didn’t know you could post reviews on HotUKDeals? Always looking where to put any Anker reviews that will get seen.

Do you just put them in the Misc section? do you get much feedback from them?

Let me know, I can put my reviews on there too!

Just got my PU Flare this morning… Sounding awesome so far - will give it a thorough test over the next few days.

Cheers, Noel


I’ve had my eye on the SoundCore Flare and I would like to give it a review on YouTube to compare to the Sony SRS-XB31 that I recently reviewed (below). Both have LEDs, so I would like to compare the different lighting styles and how they look at night. :crescent_moon:

I will, of course, compare the sound quality and bass between the two units by doing side-by-side audio comparisons of the same song. :notes: I will also compare the features and include the review on my blog.


Hi @Noel_Taylor I did put it under discussions but it’s been deleted :triumph:

They are proper arsey on that site lol

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What a great idea @AnkerOfficial :clap:t2:

It’s a tough choice between the two of them to be honest. If I had to pick between the 2 it would be the Flare, purely based upon the fact it has LED lights.

I do enjoy listening to music in darkness and just zoning out, so it would be nice to have ambient lighting to just chill out to. But the other side of this would be when having friends over and watch as it changes to the beat - some of my friends have dodgy taste in music lol. The main test, as it is a speaker, will be the sound quality in different settings as well seeing how the “bass up” technology holds up.

I have previously tested the waterproof capabilities of other products :see_no_evil: and this too would find its way towards some kinda “water test” :yum:

If I was successful, I would post my review to Amazon and Instagram.

I don’t hold out much hope for getting my hands on this but I’m looking forward to reading those who are successful reviews on both products.

Item: Flare


  • Test sound quality (clarity, sound stage, highs, lows, etc) by playing different types of music on low volume, medium and high.
  • Compare LED response with one of the equalizer Apps.
  • Submersion test in a big tube of water (I don’t expect good audio, but I do expect it to keep working) and shower test. * Test 360 sound by placing it in the middle of the room and walking around the room.
  • Test EQ (reduce Bass when listening to classical music, for example).
  • Test LED color selection.

Review will be posted on the forum, Amazon and in a Facebook gadgets group.

I would like to test the Flare (but would still consider Motion Q).

I would compile a comparison of testing of the Flare against the Harmon Kardon Invoke, Amazon Echo (1st Gen), and Amazon Echo Dot (1st Gen). I will listen to songs with heavy bass and higher treble and see how they compare across the spectrum. Will talk about ease of pairing/use. Furthermore, I will have my wife do a “Blind” listen test and get her perspective about which one she prefers for each of the selected songs. (Willing to use whatever songs community can suggest as well). Also, can place near our misting shower and see how humidity holds up against audio quality as well to test waterproof features.

I’m also surprised that it is not a trade in or $1 buy.

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