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Whenever we host a We Love Testing event, we never fail to be amazed by the time, effort, and dedication that our community members are willing to give to create quality review videos for us. We’ve always recognized and appreciated what you do, but we think you deserve a heck of a lot more recognition, and today we’re going to help you get it. In order to do that, we’ve gathered a few top tips that we think are going to help you get more views on your YouTube videos, and finally, get the recognition you deserve.

1. Use BOGY (Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow) thumbnails.

Most thumbnails tend to follow the red, black, and white color scheme of YouTube, so throwing in a splash of color is a great way to stand out from the crowd and draw the eye of potential viewers.

2. Make the most of your description.

YouTube’s algorithms use your description to learn what your video is about. The first 1-2 sentences of your description are weighted more heavily by YouTube and also play a huge role in search engine optimization (SEO), so make sure to include your target keywords here for greater results. This is also where you want to really sell your video to viewers, as these initial sentences will appear in YouTube searches as well.

3. Boost your video title CTR.

Your title can make or break your entire video: well-written titles can be the difference between someone watching and sharing your video, or scrolling right past. Including numbers in your title is one way to boost your CTR. For a We Love Testing video, these numbers could be related to the structure of your review, such as the number of steps in your review process, or the number of features that you covered. It could even be something as simple as adding the year to your title.

4. Get more “Suggested Videos” views.

YouTube promotes suggested videos next to whatever you’re watching. Surprisingly, these can actually bring in more views than YouTube searches. You can take advantage of this by using the same tags as competitors. YouTube uses metadata (including tags) to rank suggested videos. So by syncing your tags, you could find yourself piggybacking on the success of similar videos.

For more ways to increase views, check out this article. Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think, or share a few tips and tricks of your own.

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