We Love Testing | eufy Robovac 30C "eufy's Eye View" Review!

I strapped a GoPro to eufy 30c (UK / Germany)! Have a look!

Here are my thoughts on the Robovac:

Great Size

The 30c (UK / Germany) fits everywhere it needs to and nowhere it doesn’t. It gets under my lowest chairs, beneath the overhang of the kitchen (REALLY useful because that’s where stuff accumulates), and other places. At the same time it does not get under the coffee table or couch, which is really important because I don’t want it going there:

App Control

I’m a big fan of the app that controls this guy. You can use it as a remote control, telling it where to go and if it needs to turn. You can also set it go into different cleaning modes, which I’ll cover later. Finally, you can schedule it to clean at particular times really easily. It also has a remote control so you don’t have to use your phone if you don’t want to. The remote does everything the app does except scheduling.

Cleaning Modes

There are four cleaning modes for the eufy 30c, as shown in the above app screen shot. They are as follows:

  1. Automatic: This is where the robovac roams around randomly and cleans while doing so. Given enough time, this mode is designed to clean the whole space you have for the robovac to clean. It will sense things before running into them and go a different direction to avoid all collisions. During this mode it will sometimes change over to edge cleaning (number 3) mode if it gets into a repetitive cycle, freeing it from whatever table or chair it might have gotten in a loop under.
  2. Thirty Minute Clean: This is just a quick 30 minute run about to clean up things. Really useful if you want to just tell it to clean and then go home after a short period of time.
  3. Edge Cleaning: This is a very useful feature where the robovac will turn in one direction until it finds a wall or other surface then clean along that surface. It’s pretty neat to watch, and it gets those spaces along the edges of rooms and couches where stuff accumulates. This is also really useful for cleaning under tables, since it will seek its way around the leg of the table or chair, thoroughly cleaning that area.
  4. Spot Cleaning: Robovac will go in a concentric circular pattern to thoroughly clean a specific area. When you have a really messy area where a spill of some kind has happened, or a carpet where people have been eating crumbly things, this will clean that area very well.

Smart Speaker Integration

I love the integration with Alexa. I already use Alexa to control my lights, curate shopping lists, play music and podcasts, and other stuff, so why not control my vacuum? If you don’t have a smart speaker, eufy has a great one for only $19.99. My kids especially like that they can tell it to clean and to go home on their own.

Rugged and Flexible

This vacuum can drive over all the different types of rugs and carpets you might have. If you watch the video above, you will see it moving from my hardwood floors to rugs without any problems. It also changes cleaning modes if it gets stuck in a loop, so it won’t get trapped forever under a table or chair – it will switch to edge cleaning mode and find its way out.


Though I really like this vacuum, it does have some areas for improvement. Here they are:

Hockey Pucking

I just made up that term to describe what the Robovac sometimes does on hard srufaces. Its front brushes will sometimes flick a piece of debris forward and out of it’s range, so it will wind up missing that crumb. I made a GIF of that to demonstrate:

This can result in missed crumbs and such in areas it has already cleaned, reducing the overall effectiveness of the clean. In theory, it’s possible some crumb will get lucky and survive forever in your home due to hockey pucking.

Leaves Debris Behind on Certain Rugs

I have heavy duty mats to catch all the snow and vegetation that tracks into my house from our garden. these are serious mats with sturdy raised notches int hem to get the material off your shoes. Robovac does not do a great job with these mats in particular because they have a big difference between the top of the notch and the bottom of the mat. To be fair, even my regular vacuum does not clean these perfectly.

Long “Return to Home” Time with No Cleaning

The return to home function can take a long time if the Robovac is far away from the base because it is simply randomly driving around until it gets close enough to the charger to detect it. It also does not clean while returning home, which seems like wasted time driving around. If it’s going to spend a bunch of time driving home, why not clean while you do it?


In conclusion, I definitely recommend this vacuum. As always with Anker innovations, it’s best to exercise some patience and wait for a good deal to be offered. That’s the way I would go with this one. Thanks for reading!


Nice video! The driving control feature is pretty neat! Not sure how much I would use that though lol

Nice video. That was cool to see the video form the robovacs point of view!

I was disappointed not to see your anker shirt in the video :cry:

Innovative idea of actually making the Robovac the hero, with GoPro cam attached to it… closely resembles the story we had by Anker :slight_smile:

Great stuff, great video!

Great video!

This was a cool video! The GoPro idea was good but got me nauseous when it was banging on the couch over and over again :joy:

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Great video, thanks!

Haha I actually liked that part :joy: , great review @gAnkster.
Next you should make a movie with the Robovac or at least narate it so that it’s crazy interesting.

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Ha! What about a choose your own adventure!!!?? :astonished:

Nice video review!

Great video review buddy!

Hey everybody! I updated my post (finally) with the full article I’ve been working on. Check it out above!

I did not expect to use it either, but it’s really useful to send the robovac to particular places and have it spot clean. You can always pick it up to do that too, but the driving feature lets you stay on the couch :smile:

I like any feature that lets me be lazier :joy::joy:

Those mats with notches could even not be cleaned properly by using a normal vacuum.
You should try to clean this mat by using the “spin around mode” and boost.

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Ha this is true! I find I like different features from different manufactures, and its annoying they don’t just all share.

For example, the no-go lines in Neato are awesome compared to having to use some kind of tape or invisible barrier. But for Roomba you can name each room after its mapped and then set your schedule for specific rooms on specific days or clean a specific room.

If only a manufacturer would include all these features in one package… hint hint hint… :slight_smile:

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You will never get the “SUPER-Vac”
Some lack of these others from those.

For me the stupid version is enough.
It is cleaning instead of “thinking” and “drawing plans” which will be forgotten by the next shutdown or WIFI disconnection.

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I would like one that mapped my house and knew where to go. I think this would make it a more efficient cleaner.

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@AnkerOfficial you’re such a character :joy:. Pinning a post 4 months late :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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