We Love Testing | Eufy RoboVac 15C First Impressions and Review

Hello, this is my first post and review here on the Anker Community. I am so proud to be able of testing and reviewing this awesome eufy RoboVac. Here is my first review:

The packaging is very compact, much smaller than I previously thought. Once opened, you can find right away the robot ready to use and start vacuuming the floor. Some initial steps are required, though:

  1. Remove the lateral tabs, various adhesives or spacers between the various components, I think there are three in total.
  2. Install the charging base, placing it in a strategic place near an electrical socket to plug the AC adapter.
  3. Install the two AAA batteries in the very useful and small IR remote to remotely control and guide the RoboVac.
    I think these are the main things to do. Once you accomplish the few steps, you can successfully start using it with the initial battery charge, but I strongly recommend that you at least do a full charging cycle before using it at maximum power.

Once ready at 100% of charge, I’ve downloaded the app Eufy Home from the App Store, thanks to which I’ve managed to connect the RoboVac to my Wi-Fi network, so that I could remotely control it directly from my smartphone.

The box, other than the robot itself, also contains the remote control, the charging base, the spare side brushes (2 to be mounted and 2 to spare, so 4 in total), a very useful tool to remove stuck objects (e.g. any hair, wires, elastic bands, etc.) between the wheels of the eufy or in the lower brush, a replacement air filter and the user manual, also in Italian.

The way this intelligent vacuum cleaner has been build the the materials used are excellent, even though it is made mainly of plastic in the exterior part. It is a very strong and lasting plastic, especially easy to clean with a damp cloth when it gets covered with dust over time.

The suction power is really remarkable for such small dimensions: on the box and in the specs sheets it claims a suction power up to 1300Pa (Pascal) at maximum power! It can vacuum everything he passes on, and I’ve been testing it for two weeks now. It is capable of suctioning excellently dust, flour, small solids (such as corn, cereals, legumes, etc), heaps of dust and much more. Sometimes, though, very long hair might get stuck with the time between the lateral or lower brushes, and you have to remove them manually with the helpful tool I mentioned before, which is essential for the maintenance of a functioning RoboVac.

The robot is really smart in the way it manages to move inside the house while it vacuums the floor. It has numerous sensors and radars in the front that allow it to avoid obstacles and walls without bumping into them. It happens, sometimes, that the thin legs of some chairs are too thin to be detected by the robot, but thanks to its front bumper with contact sensors, in a few milliseconds it understands that he has collided against an object and changes trajectory accordingly.

Due to its reduced height, it can easily pass under furniture, chairs and beds, so that it can reach even corners that I previously could not reach with the manual broom cleaning. With its adaptable engine power and wheels it can even climb up carpets or balcony elevations, for example.

Brush cleaning and maintenance (which I recommend at least once a week) is quite simple and fast. Even the dust collection box is easy to empty in the trash. A tip is to wash the filter regularly, about every 1-2 weeks at the most. Everything is very accessible and easily washable.

The Edge Clean mode is among the ones I use the most at the moment: it allows to perfectly clean all the edges (near furniture and skirting boards) of the house. It such a useful mode, because, thanks to the rotating side brushes, it is able to capture and collect the dust right where it accumulates the most in the house, or in the corners, and where with a normal broom you would not be able to clean well. It does an excellent job!

The robot is very quiet compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, especially in Standard and Boost IQ power modes.

The battery lasts up to 100 minutes of complete cleaning. It is also possible to choose Quick Clean 30’, very useful when you do not want the floor to be thoroughly cleaned. Once the cleaning process is complete, or in case of low battery, the RoboVac manages to return to the initial position (charging base) by its own, so there is no need to bring it by hand to charge.

The remote control is perhaps one of the most useful things I have found: it is possible to pilot with the arrows on the remote the small eufy while it is cleaning, so it is possible to redirect it straight where we know that there is more dust or other things to collect. Not only that, but it is possible to choose between 3 suction levels: Standard, Boost IQ and Max. The Boost IQ mode allows not only to save battery, but it is the mode that I strongly recommend, since it decides for itself which is the most suitable power for the surface type in which it is located and the amount of dirt there is on the floor.

The application is really intuitive and easy, both to configure and to use it. You can start cleaning the RoboVac 15C even while at work or when you are not at home, you can easily check the charge status and battery status and set weekly or daily cleaning programs, carefully selecting the day and time you want the RoboVac to start cleaning.

Also, it works with Alexa, so you can say “Alexa, tell RoboVac to start cleaning“ or “Alexa, tell RoboVac to go home“ to send it back to the charging base.

As a university student I have to say that this is the definitive solution to keep your home always spot clean, no matter how big it is. Not only does it automatically vacuum and clean the floor, but it can do it when I’m not at home, so that it avoids disturbing me or passing near my feet to clean. There would be many more things to talk about, but just try it and be amazed by everything it can do for you and your house. The price is really excellent for the quality and for the functions it has, but above all for the comfort and more free time it brings. Once you start using it constantly, you will notice it becomes part of the daily routine. I am very happy with this product, really well done and that has revolutionized my way of keeping the house clean. From now on, I won’t have to worry anymore if crumbs fall on the floor. I will just have to remember to tell RoboVac to start cleaning. I don’t personally know the other RoboVac models, but regarding this one, I strongly recommend it!

I apologize for any possible English errors, since I am from Italy. Here you can find the original review in Italian on the Amazon.it Marketplace: Il robot aspirapolvere del futuro: la soluzione definitiva per una casa sempre pulita!

I will follow up with possibly other videos and photos of the RoboVac, so stay tuned! You can find some photos I’ve shot lately for the review. I hope you enjoy.


Good job you made.
May be you are a little bit too optimistic when stating it could clean the “whole house”.
Tiny houses may be with ground floor only😃

OK, I suggest , same I did to the other roboVac testers :
Please go on for a long term testing including a later review.
Thank You.


Excellent review! It is very well written and organized! Photos are great too!

I have a question

I was under the impression that this did not have any sort of smart mapping, and it just went anywhere randomly… is this correct?


Great review and photos! Good job!! :ok_hand:


Great review and photos!


nice indepth review!!


Nice review! The structure was good but I would recommend you make the section heading bold so it separates the heading with the content. Other than that, pictures and details are nice. Think about doing a long term review as well if time permits


Excellent review and pics. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Nice review, thanks!


Great review and photos!


I think so. I’ve noticed that sometimes it passes more times on the same spot, so I would have hoped for a mapping of the house directly from the app or maybe a learning feature which allows the RoboVac to become smarter by learning the perimeters of the house.

By the way, thank you very much for the nice comment, I really appreciate!

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Thank you very much, Chiquinho. I live in an apartment of 3 rooms plus the main corridor, so I’ve stated the whole house. Of course, in my other three house floors, it might need to recharge more often to sweep and vacuum the ground floor.

I will follow up with more posts regarding this RoboVac, including some tips I think might be useful (based on my personal experience and use of the robot) and photos or videos. Thank you for your kind comment and advice!

Thanks for the helpful advice. I’ve edited the original post making the titles and headers bold for a better reading experience. As stated in another reply, I will continue posting useful tips I think might be useful, based on my experience and use of the robot, following up with more photos and videos of the robot at work. Thanks for your comment! :slight_smile:

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As I run this vac now about 3/4 (11S the most simple version)
There are two things I could :wink: be missing :
A detailed schedule can be installed only by the app. ( special days )
And this magnetic strips would be useful.

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