We Love Testing - Anker Premium 5-in-1 USB-C Hub (Review)

Anker shipped me a 5 in 1 USB-C hub to test and here are my thoughts on the first go around.

The packaging was simple with the Anker blue and white showing through. The hub itself was very small in size, about the width of two flash drives and about as thick as my phone with it’s case on it. It feels quality, hard plastic but encased very well with a nice length of cable to plug into your computer. You also get a little carrying pouch included which is nice to keep away scratches when throwing it into your bag.

Performance wise, it worked fairly well out of the box with my HP Elitebook. The USB 3.0 ports saw speedy connection upload/downloads. The full size SD slot worked like a charm just fine but I had some issues with the micro SD slot detecting my SD card (it worked fine using an adapter in the full size slot). Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to test the HDMI port just yet as my laptop doesn’t support video over USB-C (more on that to come).

Overall, I’m really pleased by the speeds and the small physique of the device.


Nice review, if possible try to include more pics of actual usage,

Sounds more like a preliminary review but not bad nonetheless. I would’ve liked a bit more detail on difference in speed or something

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Nice review, thanks

Nice review!!

Good review.