We Love Testing | Anker PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder

Hey fans, do you **love testing**? Oh, you do? Then why don’t you **_marry_** it!?

Just kidding, you probably shouldn’t marry a wireless charger. But what you should do is get your hands on an accessory that lets you charge your phone and your Apple Watch from one convenient location.

Say hello to PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder.

This little beaut’ gives your phone a high-speed wireless charge, adjusting its output to meet your device’s high-speed charging threshold. That means iPhones get a 7.5W charge, the highest output that they can accept wirelessly. Leave your little 5W stock charger in the box where it belongs (or better yet, look up your local laws and give it a new purpose in life at a recycling center near you!).

But this version of PowerWave has an all-new twist; a foldable stand for your Apple Watch that lets you charge it in tandem with your phone. Simply wrap the Apple Watch’s cable through the inside of PowerWave, and charge both from the included Quick Charge wall charger at the same time.

The stand is the perfect angle for Apple Watch’s Nightstand Mode, letting you take advantage of all its features without fumbling with your watch to set it upright.

As with other entries in the PowerWave series, this charger is totally case-friendly, transmitting charging power through even heavy-protection cases. It’s also Qi-Certified, meaning it’s guaranteed to work flawlessly with any Qi-compatible device capable of receiving a wireless charge.

If you’re ready to propose to PowerWave+ right now, don’t. That’s kind of weird. But what you should do is get signed up to test PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder today. Let us hear your most creative testing plan in the application, and don’t be shy to share it in the comments. Your review can be a video, an infographic-style presentation, an interpretive dance, a Broadway-style musical, or just a plain old article with a 5-star scoring system. Play to your strengths and let us know how you plan to make your review stand out.

Get your applications in, fans, and get ready to Power On! With PowerWave!


  1. Complete the application to enter this We Love Testing event. You will be asked to submit a test plan as part of the survey, but feel free to share your test plan in the comments below. Copying others’ testing plan will result in immediate disqualification and you will be unable to take part in future We Love Testing events.

  2. This event runs from February 18th to February 26th, 2019. The testers will be announced on the community on February 28th, 2019.

  3. 10 testers will be chosen.

  4. Only open to residents of the US.

  5. Review Requirements: Once you have received your product, you need to post a link to your review on the community under review category within two weeks. If you haven’t provided a link after two weeks you will be unable to take part in future We Love Testing programs.

  6. Where to share your review: You are not required to post your review to a specific website, but you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), YouTube, Anker Community, forums, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces.

  7. If you’re sharing your review on the social media, don’t forget to add hashtag #WeLoveTesting and tag our official account to increase the chances of being reposted.

  8. Once you have submitted your review, Anker reserves the right to use, edit, and repost.

  9. If you share your review on the community as well—you could win 50 PowerBucks to use in future auctions and PowerDraws on the community.

  10. Anker reserves the right for the final explanation.

Tester Announcement

Hey Anker Fans,

Thanks for participating in the We Love Testing event. We have selected 10 testers based on your profile and testing plan.

The testers are:


The products will be shipped directly to the testers within 2 weeks. After you receive your Anker PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder, please make sure to post a link to your review in the community under the review category within two weeks.

Thanks again for taking part in and stay tuned for more We Love Testing events!


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Have been waiting for this since CES, writing up the test plan for it

Thanks @AnkerOfficial for getting PowerWave Pad for testing


Good luck to those who enter. I currently don’t own an Apple watch or iPhone so this is if no use to me. Although, I do have access to both if need be to run test for two weeks…


Good luck US friends!

@AnkerOfficial when are you gonna be doing one for the rest of us? This is the second US only in a row…


No apple watch here. :wink:
Good luck for all others who would love to test it!


Dont have an apple watch… good luck everyone:)


Nice! I will definitely enter this one! Finally watch and phone stand from a reputable brand!

The Liberty Neo one wasn’t that long ago…one the perils of products hitting the US first, we don’t get to play :frowning2: :laughing:

Good luck to US members :thumbsup:

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Good luck to US fans !

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Hey Elmo, if you drink mountain dew and the event opens again this year you can try and win one. Last year I won 4 gen 1’s for the family. Ill send you a message if they do it.

Having a few of those in my house could really take advantage of this system lol

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Ah yes please do let me know. And who doesn’t drink Mountain Dew? That’s a rhetorical question, but still. Lol


Brrrrrrr! :grin:

Dont want to get lice in the belly! :joy:

No iPhone or iWatch here.

womp womp

Interesting to see this item

Don’t have an Apple Watch but good luck to everyone who is trying to win. Excited to see their reviews

I got so excited when I saw the title of this thread as it’s a product that would be perfect on my bedside table. While slow scrolling down reading the post and trying to think of what to include in my application my heart sank when I got to the rules …

“Only open to residents in the US” :broken_heart:

But c’est la vie, good luck to those entrants across the pond. Looking forward to reading/watching your reviews. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Unfortunately, I have an old iphone 6s that doesn’t do wireless charging. But I do have an Apple Watch. I’m out. Better for someone who can fully use it. Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:

I am quite intrigued by this. I only drink it when I am at work and slammed and can’t make it to the coffee machine because I am lazy lol