We Love Testing — Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 Review: Charge Fast, Live More!

Thank you, @AnkerOfficial, for supplying this Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 for review! Everyone, please enjoy!

TL;DR: This Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 charged my iPhone XS Max (The Maxiest of Batteries!) from 0-50% in just over a half hour and to 100% in under 2 hours; that’s almost two hours faster than the stock charger!


“What’s in the Box?!” one screams in an open field. Anker packaging, while minimal, is always surprising; you often find things you don’t expect.

Not this time; just the charger and the usual suspects; a comment card and directions.

(The case accompanying my Anker Powerline+ cables is still one of the nicest surprise accessories for an accessory I’ve ever seen!)


As advertised, the Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 offers dual USB-C charging ports each with an output of 30W or a solo 60W when only one device is wired.

But did you know the Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 has an impressive range of over 25’ when connected to a 25’ extension cord?


For this review, I paired my Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 with an Anker Powerline II USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector and an Apple iPhone XS Max.

The new charger was easy to setup with its cable and they look great together!

The iPhone took over a day to get ready — this battery lasts forever! But eventually drained to shut-off.

Using the iPhone’s built-in Battery meter, we see the stock charger took 4 hours (3.75 hours elapsed in tic-marks) to reach 100%. (Each bar is roughly 15 minutes. The shaded portion is when the iPhone was connected to a charger.)

The Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 blew the stock charger away in well under 2 hours and brought the charge to 50% in about a half-hour! This is a huge benefit, especially if you were running short on time and needed the maximum charge possible while power was available — Consider waiting at an airport terminal!

Unfortunately, the impressive charging speed appears to take a toll on the battery. Here the maximum capacity has gone down; it was at 100% before I began these tests.

Other Thoughts

The Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 is quite nice looking and I hope to keep it that way. It would have been nice if the adapter came with a case; here it is fashionably snug in the case the came with my Powerline+ II cable.

If you turn up your volume, you can hear an electrical shorting each time the cable is disconnected, weird, right? Because of this, I would prefer the charger be built with a grounding prong.

And even though I don’t own any USB-C devices, it would be even nicer, if the Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 came with such a cable.

Anyways, it’s great! Buy one or several! Thanks, Anker!

And thank you for reading!


Good review :clap:. What meter app did you use? I’m not aware of a built in app…

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Thanks for the review! I was using the PowerWave 7.5 for a while until I noticed a significant drop in the battery capacity of my iPhone 8 Plus. Since I really only charge my phone overnight, I went back to using the stock Apple charger with a PowerLine+ II cable, and it’s held steady since. I don’t know if it’s the Fast Charging with an iPhone or how I use my phone, and it’s nice to have something to charge my phone quick handy, but I think I’m going to stick with the stock charger for a while longer & keep an eye on the battery health.

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Thanks! I think it’s iOS 11.3 and later, Settings > Battery > Battery Health

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Great review and photos! :ok_hand: good job :muscle:

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Nice review and thanks for all the pics!!

Like the Cover case for the PowerPort Atom PD 2 :checkered_flag:

Like you said, it should have been bundled together!


Great review! Things like the 25’ reach are why these reviews are awesome! How else are we going to discover these secret features :joy::clap:


Great review and pictures :clap::clap: and that was a great use of the cable case


Good review.
You might put more space between the photos were you included the text.
This makes the whole thing more readable.


Good review and reference pictures @SpencerJames thanks for sharing :ok_hand:


Great review. Good idea putting the apd2 in the case. I wish anker would make a few portable cable organizers.


thanks for sharing!

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That’s case looks awesome I really must invest in one of these

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Very nice review. The battery comparison charts were a great touch I found them very informative. :clap:t2:

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nice review, thank you.
btw, does anyone use this charger experience heat or excessive heat? this is the only anker charger (i have many anker chargers prior to this model), that give out 110F (i measured it) when i charged laptop (1 port charging). same heat when i use both ports to charge iphone and apple smart battery cover
i found review on this product that also mentioned heat.